Education and professional preferences worldwide have experienced drastic changes in recent years. There was a time when mainstream degrees in medicine and engineering were considered the only credible option for a financially secure future. But now, people are exploring more of what they love to do and pursuing it as a career.

Being a successful professional depends on the college major you choose. You must be careful while opting for a subject and weigh all factors, including personal preferences and employment opportunities in the future. This process of selecting a college major can be perplexing, especially when there’s a lot to consider. So, to help you out, we have put together a list of subjects that offer diverse career options and high growth potential.

  1. Business

The scope for those aiming for business studies is never-ending. This subject ensures more employment opportunities and is also a wise choice if you want to start a business yourself. Professionals holding a business administration degree earn a median annual salary of around $72,250. Students can opt for concentrations in international business, a general Master of Business Administration degree, human resource management, accounting, finance, data analytics, etc. With an expected 10% increase in job opportunities by 2026, this subject is an excellent choice.

  1. Media & journalism

If you have a knack for writing or showing other people the world through your eyes, then this degree is the right choice for you. Studying media & journalism include courses in mass communication, marketing, media management, and advertising. You can land a job as a writer or journalist at a media house or join a marketing/advertising firm. You can also start something of your own, such as a blog or a YouTube channel, and monetize it by producing credible and unique content. Your income will depend largely on the professional route you take and your designation, but expect to earn market-competitive salaries.

  1. Healthcare and nursing

Healthcare professionals will always be in demand, and the coronavirus pandemic made this more apparent than before. Besides, the world’s population is aging now, and patients will always need treatment for their ailments. Hence, pursuing education in medicine, emergency care, psychology, nursing, etc., are worthy career options for people interested in helping patients live healthier lives. The nursing industry, for example, is likely to experience 9% growth in the coming years. According to BLS, registered nurses earned a median annual salary of $75,330 in 2020, whereas doctors and surgeons can easily net six-figure annual salaries. If you don’t want to work in clinical roles, you can also opt for education in healthcare administration.

  1. Robotics

According to Forbes, robots will become a key industry in the future. With AI dominating every aspect of life, investing your interests in robotics is not a bad idea. Not only in manufacturing factories and office places, but AI-powered robots are also performing integral roles in healthcare. Opting for related subjects like computer science and information technology can offer lucrative employment opportunities. As a robots engineer, you can expect to earn annual earnings between $85,074 per year.

  1. Fashion design

As long as people love to dress up, the need for fashion designers is not going anywhere. Courses in fashion design will teach you things like pattern-making, apparel design, sewing techniques, and art and design. This subject is a good choice for people who love experimenting, reimagining and introducing trendsetting styles in the fashion industry. Consider studying this subject if you have a creative side and want to work for big retail brands. 

  1. Aerospace engineering

Among the newly emerged fields of education, aerospace engineering is one of the most promising ones. This subject deals with the development of spacecraft and aircraft. With many influential personalities aiming to visit or even residing in space, it is safe to say that the need for aerospace engineers is growing day by day. Here you will learn about aerodynamics, engineering mechanics, space propulsion, and aircraft mechanics. If you get hired as an aerospace engineer, you can earn approximately $85,368 a year.

  1. Liberal arts

Liberal arts education is now considered one of the most in-demand spectra of subjects. It is a broad term that focuses on learning diverse skills and includes literature, writing, philosophy, sociology, creative arts, and more. You can work in various jobs, including teaching, counseling, law, policy-making, politics, etc. Likewise, the earning potential depends on what position you’re working as.

  1. Biotechnology

With its outstanding benefits in a majority of fields such as agriculture, microbiology, industry, healthcare, medicine, food, and whatnot, the importance of biotechnology cannot be ignored. It has incredible potential currently and even in years to come. The annual salary for a biotechnologist is $61,732. Beginners in this field make around $38,000 a year, whereas experienced professionals can earn up to $99,000.

  1. Environmental science

Environmental science is a booming industry. Students learn critical thinking and problem-solving related to our environment and ecosystem while studying this subject. Expect to learn about topics such as hydrology, agroecology, and environmental risk management. In this industry, professionals enjoy an annual salary of $69,400, and employment is expected to grow by 11% by 2026.


When choosing a subject to study, be sure to evaluate growth potential, career opportunities, and personal goals. This article mentions a few subjects to help you get started. If you’ve already made your choice, apply now and enlist yourself in a good program that provides excellent learning opportunities. You may want to take the online route to create a flexible learning schedule and work alongside to garner experience and avoid too much student debt.