The dental crowns are the completion factor if any decay in any tooth appears. The white crowns fix the oral vacuum created by the decay treated tooth. The white dental crowns correct the orientation of the defected tooth and help in speech development. The white crown tooth cares for the tooth aesthetics and looks exactly similar to the naturally growing tooth. These can be shaped into various sizes and modifiable dimensions to suit the tooth under treatment.  Prominently used for the front tooth restorations, leaves the patient gratified for at least 5-8 years.

Being whitish in colour, ivory white to be precise, the white crowns for teeth might need replacement if not taken care of properly. Over time some sort of discoloration is observed. A white crown cost depends on the porcelain, zirconia and ceramic materials used to produce them. Lab and manufacturing charges are also added to it. It is a very delicate and attention consuming process to manufacture the white crowns kit for ready dental applications. There are several benefits to explore about these crowns. 

What can white crowns do?

  • Similar to the other dental crowns, the white dental crowns can easily conceal the damage and restore the tooth structure. Fractured, chipped and broken teeth get a complete overdo with their seating.
  • There is no concern over its colour as it blends perfectly with the colour of the adjacent teeth, in the oral cavity. The fillings and metal caps do not offer such privileges.
  • The white dental crowns preserve the freshness of the treated tooth from future damage and germ build up, along with the frequent wear and tear of tooth structure.
  • These occupy to protect the dental space around the tooth from becoming the breeding spots of germs over the stuck food particles.
  • They make it look like no treatment or alteration has been done and the damaged tooth has grown back simultaneously. It seems original and natural at the same time, even though the interior of the crown is hollow.
  • There are varieties in the white crown tooth to choose from such as all porcelain crowns, zirconia crowns, ceramic crowns. This variety is missing in the metal and alloy crowns made of gold, silver and nickel, steel, chromium respectively.
  • The short, broken and chipped  tooth problem is fixed permanently with the white crown seatings on the short tooth.
  • The white crowns cover the affected tooth and are also protectors to the exposed gums while carrying the implant. These assure the oral cavity is engaged and the tissues are not available for contact with harmful particles and germ contents.

The white crowns for teeth cost a bit more than the stainless steel crowns. They cost about $800-$2000. This is because of the higher aesthetic appeal and manufacturing technology employed to get them perfectly shaped.


The front teeth are the most visible teeth compared to the molars. The white crown tooth being aesthetically satisfying is used for the front tooth alone. These are not considered for molar caps, as there the crushing force is exerted to chew and white crowns develop cracks and fissures. Yet, these are well liked choices for tooth restoration than the coloured materials covering the tooth.