Shipping enables the seamless movement of goods, products, or people from one place to another. Experts believe that around 95 percent of manufactured items are usually transported in containers, some time or the other in the overall supply chain. Container shipping companies play a critical role in the overall logistics ecosystem and smooth transportation, however; the shipping process encounters several challenges. We have seen that containers often go missing and get offloaded by mistake at a port other than the specified destination port. All these unanticipated issues lead to cost overruns and undesirable delays.

According to experts at Forbes, conventional supply chains encounter challenges practically at every step. As such, it is natural for deliveries to be susceptible to theft, spoilage, or delays. These issues may not be out in the open until the consignments arrive or fail to arrive at their specified destination port. The logistics industry was looking for an advanced, modern, and smart solution when they found that often entire shipments were at stake. The IoT or the Internet of Things could provide the perfect solution. By facilitating the visibility of consignments in transit, the Internet of Things comes up with a treasure trove of actionable data. When executed with perfection, IoT will enable agility. Moreover, it will go a long way in streamlining operations, and assisting organizations to gain a competitive edge in a fiercely competitive landscape.  Maintaining competitiveness in such a fast-moving world is the key to the success of a container shipping company. 

IoT-based container tracking addresses all the existing challenges and successfully tracks the status and location of your container throughout the transit. Moreover, rest assured to get real-time information about transport and storage conditions. Several industries have adopted IoT-based shipment tracking and the latest news is that the logistics industry has started adopting cutting-edge IoT-based container tracking. Let us explore the top benefits of IoT-based consignment tracking.

Best for Optimizing Shipping Routes

IoT-based consignment tracking solutions help determine the easiest and shortest route to the destination port. It helps save fuel and time. You can keep monitoring the consignments in real-time and even guide them to the right destination fastest possible. Moreover, you can decide on new routes very much on-the-go, and start sending real-time notifications and updates to the concerned personnel regarding any modifications in their destination, route, or ETA.

Enhancing Efficiencies All the Way

You can now keep monitoring remotely your consignment, its status, location, and current condition. IoT shipment tracking provides complete visibility and transparency in all your shipping operations. It helps you initiate immediate action and come up with quick decisions to enable prompt and timely delivery. More importantly, it minimizes unwieldy paperwork, allowing container shipping companies or logistics companies to focus their attention on more important and valuable tasks. Online container tracking keeps you updated about the status of your container freight.

Ensuring Shipment Safety

It is of pivotal importance to ensure the utmost security and safety of your consignments, particularly if they are sensitive substances or high-value items that necessitate constant tracking. IoT-based tracking provides real-time notifications, updates, and alerts whenever necessary. Thanks to the cutting-edge IoT sensors and devices, you can see the exact location of your consignment, even measure accurately the quantity of an item being shipped and trace back the path in the event any malicious activity or wrongdoing is suspected.


Technological advancements are crucial to boosting the logistics industry and the overall supply chain. The cutting-edge real-time container tracking seems to be a dramatic change and a major improvement on the conventional manual techniques responsible for human errors and extended delays in the past.