Blooket collects users’ gameplay responses. Schools that utilize Blooket with students under 13 must obtain any parental permission necessary according to applicable law.

While Blooket promotes fair play, some users seek ways to use hacks and cheats for an edge in gameplay and enhance competitive edge. GitHub, a popular development platform, is home to multiple hacks and cheat codes designed by enthusiasts such as glixzzy that give an unfair competitive edge and enhanced gameplay experience.

How to use

Blooket is an engaging learning platform for students. To play, players must earn tokens by competing in quizzes and winning games; however, there are hacks which allow unlimited coins and tokens. To find these hacks, students should visit GitHub and search for Blooket cheat codes; once found they can copy and paste this into their console to begin using. It is important to note that these hacks aren’t supported by Blooket and may lead to bans; PGG doesn’t endorse their use either! To learn more about Blooket check out our Best Blooket Tower Defense Setup guide here at Pro Game Guides!

Getting started

Blooket is an interactive educational game that makes learning enjoyable and engaging for both teachers and students. Using various quiz questions and game modes, students can engage with learning using their phones or computers by joining sessions created by teachers/hosts who generate codes to answer questions in games for points/token rewards. After the session has concluded, teachers can view detailed score reports to see how their students performed.

To hack Blooket using JavaScript, first copy and paste a cheat code from Git Hub into your web browser’s console tool in the blooket game room before pressing Enter to activate.


Blooket utilizes Mongodb as its backend database and Stripe for payment processing. We do not rent or sell your personal information to third parties – instead we use it only as per this Privacy Policy and for purposes that have been clearly communicated to you. No third parties will have access to your personal information without your prior approval, except as required for providing or maintaining our services (e.g. providing and maintaining the Service or as otherwise mandated by law). School Users using Blooket with students under 13 must secure any necessary parental consent, per applicable laws. Children aged 13 or under can only join Blooket if given their parents’ approval to become users.