Custom packaging has a lot of benefits if manufactured smartly. As a pre roll supplier, you must prefer custom packaging to reinforce your brand. As far as the product of pre roll is concerned, it brings a lot of convenience to the users. The consumer does not have to crush the marijuana flower by himself and then fill it into paper rolls. Therefore, pre roll brands influence the customers to buy their pre roll products in which custom printed pre roll packaging has an integral role.

You may hire a professional builder who will bestow you with ideal packaging and you do not have to go to several places for every packaging element such as material selection, manufacturing, printing, and finishing. You can get all the things done in one place. Therefore, custom packaging brings you peace and you can get various other perks as well.


Custom packaging is a resilient solution that also helps you to save money. This is because you get various choices to build these boxes. For instance, you can manufacture simple cardboard or kraft boxes if you have a small budget size.

On the other hand, if you have a large budget, high-end packaging options are also available such as rigid boxes. Most importantly, paper materials are very cost-effective and the manufacturing of boxes requires low-cost tools. In this way, custom packaging does not break your bank.

Robust Solution

The primary objective of any product packaging is to secure the item packed inside. Custom boxes made of cardboard or paperboard materials are excellent in this regard. These boxes have the strength to keep the pre roll items safe from any external hazard. For the retail market, you can surely use these boxes to keep the item intact on the shelves.

Durable Packaging

To improve the longevity of the product, its encasement plays a vital role. Cardboard or kraft materials are durable packaging materials. Therefore, the life of these boxes is long. They keep the pre rolls safe from humidity or temperature for a long duration. Also, you can store these boxes for a long time. In this way, you may get wholesale boxes and store them if you have a suitable budget.


Paper materials are very lightweight and therefore they are easy to handle. You can manufacture them without difficulty as they are easy to lift and get designed. Due to having lightweight, these boxes help you in shipment. These boxes minimize your shipping cost when you deliver products to the customers. Besides, most packaging companies offer free shipment.

Easy To Compile And Stack

Custom cardboard and kraft boxes are manufactured in flat form. The flaps of these boxes are foldable and they can be joined together when you need to pack an item. Therefore, these boxes take less space to get stored. Also, you can compile large volume boxes without much difficulty. These boxes are not heavier and therefore you can easily stack them without putting much effort.

Easy To Customize

Standard packaging does not bestow you with the desired solution. You can get dreamy attire for your product if you get custom packaging. You can manufacture these boxes following your interest. Cardboard material is highly flexible and it can be molded in a desired shape or size.

For example, you are not bound to use only a standard size to pack small and large items. Rather, you get the most accurate size when you choose cardboard packaging. Once you get the desired solution, you can deliver your brand message more effectively.

Multiple Designs

In custom packaging, you get a wide range of packaging designs. Various styles of boxes are manufactured by packaging companies. For pre roll packaging, you can have the following designs of boxes:

  • Tuck-end boxes
  • Slotted boxes
  • Die-cut boxes
  • Sleeve boxes
  • Display containers

When it comes to designing the layout for custom boxes, you get various templates. You can surely customize them based on your desire and put customized graphics.

Different Printing Elements

To print your packaging boxes, you get several options. You get flat printing methods such as offset printing, screen printing, flexography, and digital printing. Besides, if you create a luxurious impression out of the typography, you get high-end elements.

For example, you can use embossing for 3D mockups or raised printing touch. Besides, debossing is also used for pressed printing views. To make the details more vibrant, you may also use aluminum foil stamping.

Effective Marketing

Custom boxes help you to increase your sales as they are imprinted with your brand logo and make more people aware of your brand. A large number of brands are selling pre rolls due to which competition is becoming tough. These boxes aid you to create a buzz for your brand.

When you print your brand identity on the packaging boxes and tell people your brand story, people get a professional as well as an eccentric impression from the product. Also, they will remember your name in the future due to which the probability of persistent purchases increases.

Green Solution

In today’s world, protecting the environment is a big concern. That is so because toxic materials have been polluting the environment for a long. In this way, paper material boxes are life saviors. Natural fibers are used in the manufacturing of cardboard materials such as grass, wood pulp, and biodegradable wastes.

As they are biogenic, these boxes can be recycled up to 5 times. Later, when they are disposed of, they do not release harmful substances and do not pollute the air. In this way, these boxes are a better solution compared to toxic materials.


Custom pre roll packagingis a brilliant solution when it comes to your brand prosperity. It serves the users with multiple benefits that are listed above. In a nutshell, you can save your money and get a compliant solution. You get manifold options during the whole journey of packaging such as in manufacturing and printing. These boxes are eco-friendly and help you build a sincere brand impression.