This article is a guide for those who are considering applying for an Indigo Mastercard. Read on to learn more about the card’s Pre-qualification requirements, annual fee, low credit limit, and reporting to credit bureaus. Find out if you are eligible for the card as well. Finally, we’ll discuss depositing and withdrawing money using the Indigo Mastercard. Know more about Indigo Mastercard Login. It’s simple.

Pre-qualification for Indigo Mastercard

Applying for the Indigo Mastercard is easy. Just submit an online form. The issuer will assess your eligibility and notify the major credit bureaus in just a few short minutes. However, if you have bad credit, it could take weeks to get your application approved. To avoid the long wait, you can apply online and get pre-qualified in minutes instead of weeks. This is a fantastic method for building credit, especially starting.

The Indigo Mastercard has many advantages for people who qualify. ID Theft Protection, Zero Liability Protection, and Mastercard Global Service are just a few. Once you’ve submitted your application, you expect to receive your new card in 14 business days. You can also contact Indigo Customer Service if you have any questions. A customer service team member reaches you during regular business hours.

The annual fee for those with bad credit

The Indigo Mastercard is a popular credit card for people with bad credit. Issued by Celtic Bank, this credit card is excellent for those with little to no credit history. Although there is an annual fee for the card, it is only one percent of your overall credit limit. The credit card does report activity to all three major credit bureaus. Those with bad credit will be approved for this card because they are designed for people with less-than-perfect credit or no credit history.

The Indigo Platinum Mastercard is another option. Although the annual fee for this credit card is usually $99, you might qualify for a free one if you have good financial standing. This credit card will report to all three major credit bureaus, including Equifax and TransUnion. Strong payment history will boost your credit score and enable you to qualify for better credit cards in the future. However, the card will cost you $59 or $99 annually if you don’t have a good payment history. The annual fee for new cardholders is $75.

Low credit limit

The credit limit on the Indigo Platinum Mastercard is low, at only $300. Although this can seem like a fair sum, you should be aware that this isn’t always the case. Some unsecured credit cards have credit limits between $300 and $1,000. This card may be the right option if you need a temporary credit boost. However, it is not designed to be a long-term financing option.

A credit card issuer reports payment history to one or more of the three major bureaus, but a card issuer like Indigo will write to all three. Your credit history will be improved each time you make payment. In addition, you will incur a $40 late payment fee each month. These favorable items will appear further down on your credit history as the years go by.

Reports to credit bureaus

In most cases, your lender will only report your payment history to one credit bureau, but the Indigo Mastercard says to all three. While you can still expect to receive some negative items on your credit report each month, they will be further down your history. Your credit score will decline the longer you put off making a payment. If you pay your credit card bill on time, however, you’ll be better able to qualify for better cards in the future.

The Indigo Platinum Mastercard may be an option if you have a poor payment history. The card submits reports to TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian in addition to the other two credit bureaus. The three credit bureaus are essential because they help determine your credit score. If you have a good payment history, this card can help you qualify for better cards in the future. However, if you don’t make payments on time, you’ll undoubtedly have to pay a $59 or $99 annual fee for your card. The first year will cost you $75.

Add authorized user

To add an authorized user to deposit and withdraw money using your Indigo Mastercard, you must be at least 18 years of age, have a social security number, and live in the US. Additionally, you must have a US IP address and a solid payment record. In addition, you must meet income and debt limits. Then, you must complete the quick application form and meet identity verification requirements.

If your credit history is less than stellar, you might want to consider an unsecured credit card, like the Indigo Platinum Mastercard, issued by Celtic Bank. However, this card comes with a host of fees and provides a costly path to building credit. If you’re looking for an unsecured card, better options are available. You can use a credit card for your expenses, but it’s best to ensure your finances are in good standing.