Opening an alcohol delivery store is a lucrative business that can bring you additional revenue. You can effectively increase your sales by delivering liquor, wines, beers, etc., to clients that order them online. Due to the Corona pandemic, most customers are unable, and some are unwilling to make in-person visits to the local stores. This has created the need for alcohol delivery services. This is an excellent opportunity for many businesses to increase their revenue. Although it is not a new concept, the demand for alcohol delivery services is expected to increase with time. Therefore, if you start a local liquor store in Nairobi, below are the essential guidelines to help you do it right. Keep reading to learn more;


The alcohol industry is highly regulated. Before starting your alcohol delivery business, ensure you have all the licenses. For any business to run smoothly, it is important to comply with the local laws. Check with the local authorities about the rules to be followed. Make sure you understand the alcohol sale and consumption rules. Then go ahead and get the necessary incense and signage. The rules differ from one county to another. You should always check with your local authority. In some states, you’re required to strictly outline the measures to ensure that alcohol will not end up in the hands of underage children. Therefore, ensure you get every detail right when applying for an alcohol delivery license. 

Incorporate Technology 

If you want to enhance the efficiency of your operations, make sure you invest in technology. Again, many businesses have been forced to embrace technology to accommodate the changing customer habits. When you integrate it, this is another way to grow your business. For example, when starting a delivery liquor store in Nairobi, ensure you have the right tools to make the process efficient. Use motorcycles, vans, foot power, and bicycles to support your delivery services. Do it in-house or find an external company. Integrate the latest technology tools, including GPS, mapping, POS integration, signature captures, etc., to make this process efficient. 

Take your inventory management seriously. Having incorrect inventory is one of the main issues you need to look into. This way, you can avoid some of the customer complaints and have to tell your clients you’re out of stock whenever they order a particular brand. In addition, your POS system should be automatically integrated with your business e-commerce platform. It makes synchronization much easier. Getting your inventory right is the beginning of a smooth operation of your online business. Using the latest technology also helps you to streamline your reporting process. 

Stock a variety of products 

To run a successful delivery business, ensure you have the right products. Have a mixture of the top-selling brands. Wines, beers, brandy, etc., can make your liquor store stand out. Having a variety also increases your online client base and the conversion rate. Also, consider your pricing structure and, if necessary, give discounts. It is an excellent incentive to attract new customers to your online shop.