In the past the video games played not enjoy the popularity of the modern age where games can be played online using chat forums, gaming communities, forums as well as customer support and financial transactions incorporated on a single platform. Have you ever thought about how an online platform analyses these data to aid both gamers and the gaming firms? is one such site located in the United States.

So, let’s read the full details in the Gamekit Reviews.

What is

Gamekit is a website for commercial use designed to promote games with the intention of making money. It was specifically designed to host games online as gambling has grown to millions of dollars. Gamekit provides market research for gaming companies in order to start their games, increase their presence on the market, learn the needs of end users, and improve their games, and so on.

Gaming companies are looking for an avenue to connect with the users. There are more than 21 million active users on Gamekit and 50 million visitors to the pages that are published on Gamekit. Gamekit Com Review is an international platform, covering 33 countries, and receiving 2 million leads every month.

Since market research requires participants as well, the website rewards its players financially as well by offering games-related rewards such as codes, upgrades, free games gift cards, game passes , and more. This is how Gamekit has succeeded in creating a rapid-growing user base that would want to try new games and earn rewards.


  • Number of phoneis not available
  • Address Address: Gamekit S.A., ul. Koszykowa-61, 00-667, Warszawa, PL
  • E-mail Address is not available
  • Person to contact-not given
  • Owner Contact Information are not available in accordance with Gamekit Com Reviews
  • Web Type Gaming E-commerce, Project management, E-commerce
  • Address of Website –
  • Terms are clearly stated. No Plagiarism found
  • Personal Data Policyexplicitly outlines the way in which your data is used
  • Rewards and points policy It outlines a time frame to credit rewards, expiry of tips, the collection of rewards, etc.


  • A GENUINE platform to earn additional rewards. It’s not a rewards generator. However, it is a Pay Per Task website.
  • Users are also able to earn points by watching promotional trailers taking surveys, grading photographs, taking quizzes and by referring friends.


  • It takes over 10 hours of work to collect points buying gift cards.
  • Rewards are credited within 72 hours.

Legitimacy as per Gamekit Com Reviews :

  • Web Age:27/Feb/1998 23 years, seven months, and fifteen days of age
  • WEBSITE EXPIRY –26/Feb/2023
  • Website TRUST Score –70% (Average)
  • Links to social Media provided. offered
  • Popularity – 260681 (Good)
  • The status of the Domain Blacklist It was not found
  • Country of Origin — Poland
  • Organisation – GameKit Sp. z o.o.
  • Owner details Not provided


There are reviews that are average for Gamekit from trusted sources and the internet. The Gamekit social media platform has millions of fans on Gamekit via the popular social network.

Final Verdict: is a legit website with a trust score. However, due to the average Gamekit Com Reviews that the site is recommended to only experienced users. These studies revealed dissatisfaction among users with the lack of rewards in comparison to the effort. There are also duplicate games and occasionally, the games are shut down without notice.