Microsoft has allowed businesses with its different services and cloud services are a part of it. Microsoft Office 365 benefits enterprises and organizations to efficiently collaborate and trade plans inside the team to intensify teamwork and give access to several tasks instantly online, like SharePoint, Skype, Exchange, Power BI, Teams, Yammer, etc. The kind of functionalities available depends upon the Office 365 subscription taken by a business.

SharePoint Online and Office 365 are developing at a greater speed and businesses want to increase advantages from functionalities it gives for efficient SharePoint advancement services. Hence, most businesses search for a solution for SharePoint Online Migration to be updated in an efficient way and with the least resources possible in comparison to SharePoint on-premises.

Essential points to consider while migrating to Office 365:

  • It may happen to be challenging to replace custom web parts with an add-in mode.
  • There is no solution to time functions in SharePoint Online. You will have to search for particular options and alternatives that can obtain similar results.
  • You will have to rewrite event targets to obtain similar results as on-premises form and search for a way to host event targets around the cloud.
  • You might have to consider cloud tools like Azure Web App, PowerShell, Virtual Desktop Cloud, etc. to deploy declarative tasks.
  • Rather than working on custom fields in SharePoint Online or designing a new field for it, you can try working with Display Templates that can assist you to obtain the results you require.
  • Depending on the chosen migration plan, you might want to consider item IDs in lists and libraries as your working in item IDs may vary while the migration is going on.
  • Customer-facing websites cannot be transferred to SharePoint Online.
  • The publishing pages can be transferred but they may not work as expected because of the changes in the given master pages, CSS files, and JavaScript. Inventory the pages that benefit page layouts and execute test migration.
  • The Windows AD users can no longer connect to SharePoint Online and to do so migration for AD users into Azure AD is necessary.

Beneficial methods for preparing a migration to Office 365:

  • Avoid implementing a complete migration all at once and start with small units, then large, and so on.
  • Maintain the folders and files in Read-Only mode in Office 365 file share before the migration.
  • Perform a detailed review of your current data structure before migrating and avoid making migrated content appear like a web-based file share.
  • Remember to users, websites are just hyperlinks that can be browsed through, and it is necessary to create a belief in users that the content has not completely migrated.
  • Apply a hybrid method to reduce the modifications needed from the users.
  • Combine the data that share the same metadata and optimize the use of content standards.
  • Understand the efficiency of SharePoint Online prior to the migration, hence assuring an effortless transition.

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