One of the concerns many Australians have when it comes to deciding whether to switch to solar power is the overall cost involved. Solar panels make up the bulk of the investment and the more panels you want or need, the more you are going to pay. If too few panels are installed in the array, the system won’t harness enough energy from the sun to provide the amount of electricity you need but at the same time, you will need to be able to afford the number of panels required.

Let’s dig a little deeper into solar panel installation cost and discover what factors influence the price.

You Get What You Pay For

The old adage is true when it comes to solar panels. You do get what you pay for. Not all solar panels are the same and the build quality and effectiveness of the cheaper models can leave a lot to be desired. If you’re constantly seeing quotes for solar installation that sound so cheap they seem too good to be true, chances are the installer will only be supplying cheap and inferior solar panels.

If you’re going to make the switch over to solar power, then you’ll want to make the most of the investment and purchase solar panels that are good quality. Inferior panels simply won’t harness enough of the sun’s energy to be truly cost-effective, nor generate the amount of electricity your home needs. Basically, you’ll be spending money on a solar system that is not up to the task and may ultimately prove to be a waste of money, rather than a money saver.

On the other hand, you don’t want to get ripped off on the price of solar panels either. Some companies try to squeeze as much cash as they can out of consumers, so be aware of this as well.

Do your research on solar panels, their overall quality, what you need and what you should be expecting to pay for those solar panels. When doing that, you also need to consider the solar balance of system, as well.

It’s all about finding the right price for the quality you require.

What Should You Expect to Pay For Good Quality Solar Panels?

Prices for solar panels can vary in different locations around the country, even for the exact same panel, so this is something to keep in mind.

The cost of good quality solar panels is generally dictated by how many kilowatts of power they are capable of producing and the build quality. The average household tends to go for 10kW solar panels and the average price in Sydney, for example, for a system made up of enough 10kW panels to power a typical household comes in at around the $6500 mark. That’s for good quality panels but you can go higher and select the very best panels on the market. With 15kW panels, a top of the range system might set you back around $16k.

The Cost Of the Solar Panels Is Not the Only Consideration

When you decide to purchase a solar power system for your home, looking into the quality and expected price of the solar panels isn’t the only thing to consider when deciding on a solar panel array. The panels need to be installed and prices can vary for this part of the process from installer to installer.

However, it’s not just the labour cost the company charges that can influence the price during this part of the process. Some other factors can come into play that may increase the charge. For example, the design or layout of your roof could make the installation process more time consuming. If you have a flat roof, the installation team will need to construct a frame so the solar panels can be angled toward the sun. Or, your roof may have areas of damage that can hamper the installation efforts of the crew, which can also increase installation charges.

Basically, if the procedure is not straightforward and proves to be more time consuming, you can expect the price of installation to be increased and those costs passed on to you.

The Wrap

It’s worth taking some time to do your own research on solar panels, the variations in quality and the prices you should be expecting to pay for installation.