The cross is a powerful sign of Christianity that symbolizes the values of love and sacrifice. Wearing any kind of gold cross jewelry automatically becomes a sign of the Christian faith. However, it may not be true for all. The meaning and reasons behind wearing cross jewelry vary from person to person.

While many people wear a gold cross around their neck as a symbol to proclaim their faith, others wear it for various symbolisms as well as fashion purposes.

What Does the Cross Mean?

The cross is a meaningful symbol, especially for individuals who believe in Christ. It represents Jesus’ crucifixion as he gave up his life on a wooden cross. Initially, the cross was a symbol of punishment and execution, but Christ’s sacrifice changed it forever. Now, it stands for love and sacrifice and the Christian faith in general.

Even non-believers who may not believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus wear gold cross jewelry as a sign of hope and strength. Not to mention, it reminds one of love and sacrifice. So while many people declare their faith through cross jewelry, others wear it to remind themselves of love, strength, hope, and sacrifice.

A gold cross jewelry piece can also symbolize other values, such as the four lines representing faith, hope, love, and eternity. Meanwhile, it also means mercy, forgiveness, love, and grace for other Christians. While the first set of values comes from Biblical passages, the other symbolizes the purpose behind the crucifixion.

History of Cross Jewelry

Ancient Egyptians were the ones who started the trend of religious jewelry. They wore different kinds of jewelry to represent and celebrate their specific gods and religions. As the tradition continued to grow, many other religions, including Christianity, adopted it as well.

In its earliest stages, it was quite unsafe to publicly claim your belief as a Christian as it would lead to persecution. However, Rome became safer when it converted into a Christian empire. Many Christians then began to wear a gold cross to express their faith.

Why do People Wear Gold Cross Jewelry?

Devotees of the cross wear the gold cross as a visible proclamation of their faith ever since the Christian philosopher Tertullian declared it. It started with small wooden crosses and has evolved over time. Nowadays, gold cross jewelry is most popular for various reasons.

Personal Faith

People wear gold cross jewelry to show that they are believers of Christ and remind themselves of Christ’s love on a daily basis. People often gift a gold cross to children at their christening or confirmation.

Sign of Hope

The gold cross also holds quite some significance for non-believers as they see it as a symbol of hope and strength. Many people wear a gold cross to remind themselves that life is still hopeful and love still exists.


Gold cross pendants and other jewelry pieces with a cross are also a huge part of fashion and gothic subculture. Gold cross jewelry is available in different styles and designs that attract all fashionistas. On the other hand, the gothic community of teenagers sees the cross as a symbol of death and uncertainty of life.

Looking to Invest in a Gold Cross Jewelry Piece?

Gold is still a precious metal, sought-after by many. While it holds traditional importance, it also pays tribute to the Christian faith. A gold cross serves as a reference to various biblical passages, such as those referring to the streets of gold in heaven.