One of the top and most potent Indica strains available for all is Mango Sativa. It is a highly revered strain that many marijuana enthusiasts have grown to love. The reason for all these is simple; the Mango Sativa has managed to stand out distinctively as one of the most productive Indica strains in the commercial space today. 

Thus, if it is possible to prepare a compendium of the most sought-after OG marijuana strains, it would be an unpardonable offense to omit the 1960 discovered mango strain. This strain is unique in so many remarkable ways, but before this article delves deeper into the fundamentals of this strain, it shall go on to firstly demystify what is meant by “the mango strain.”

What is the Mango Strain?

While there are still some contentions about the actual origin of this strain, it is a generally accepted idea that the Mango strain as people know it today was obtained as a hybrid from a combination of a parent Mango KC33 and Afghani strains. This slightly Indica-dominant hybrid produces incredibly massive softball-sized buds that are well scented and tasty. 

These plants perform well regardless of whether they were planted indoors or outdoors. Plus, they begin yielding the desired buds around the 8th week of their life.

What are some benefits of the mango strain?

Amidst all else, the tropical, fruity mango aroma and taste of the strain make consumption of this herb a delight. The dense filling fragrance of the strain appeases the mind, and users of this strain can almost convince any other person with desert. The strength of Mango marijuana also varies from 15% all the way to 24% THC. This means that you can get to choose from a relatively broad spectrum of what you want to consume.

Even though users of this herb have reported some health benefits, research is still ongoing to uncover more about the mango strain. However, if you have had a strenuous day, you can employ the help of this herb to relax and soothe your nerves. Many users of this herb report a mood boost, general ‘feel-good’ sensation, and a balanced high.

So having become convinced of the potential and powers of the mango strain, here are some mango og products you could try if you wish to experience all that we have been discussing. 

Mango Og (Cart.)

This Mango product is not just a heavenly blend of berry and mango but also very densely flavored with terpenes, which enhance users’ experience. It is one of the best Mango OG cartridge for sale on the market. It also features amazingly moderate levels of Delta-8 THC and an exquisite ceramic heat-resistant casing. This product provides the desire for deep sleep, snacking, and relaxing on the beach. 

  • Strain Type: Indica
  • Taste Profile: Berry and mango extract
  • Effect Profile: The feeling from snuggling under thick sheets on a cold day.

Mango Og 1g 483 Live Resin Cartridge

This Indica product tastes like a freshly peeled mango tinged with an earthy overtone. Besides being extracted and produced at sub-zero critical temperatures, this cartridge is heavily flavored with terpenes and Delta 8 THC. Its users also report an experience of indescribable relaxation. They also enjoy deep undisturbed sleep and regular hammock naps. 

  • Type of Strain: Indica
  • Taste Profile: Fresh-peeled mango that has an earthy overtone
  • Typical Feeling: Stepping onto the beach when the sun hits you just perfect for that super-deep relaxation

An excellent choice for deep sleep, snack sessions, hammock naps

Ultra-Potent Mango Og 1g Cartridge

The Ultrapure, ultra-potent, heavy hitters are made with 100% cannabis native terpenes and contain 95% THC. Users report that this Delta 8 THC product gives feelings of euphoria and relaxation in some cases. 

This product performs the wonders of quickly extracting negative energies and inducing relaxation. So if you decide to purchase this mango strain, be prepared to nap for some time.

  • Strain Type: Indica
  • Taste Profile: Citrusy, Tangy, Earthy, Mango
  • Effect Profile: Relaxed, Sleepy, Happiness

An excellent choice For Sweet dreams

Possible Side Effects of Consuming the Mango Strain

The ride has some drawbacks, just as there are benefits of engaging these THC products. Some of these include mild reactions such as itchy eyes, dry mouth, and slight dizziness. There are moderate reactions like headaches and severe implications like immobilization, excessive, uncontrollable sleep, and a general sense of anxiety.


Mango Indica strains are one of the most popular and effective weed strains. It is easy to plant and harvest while also providing a plenteous harvest for its farmers. This wonderfully mango scented hybrid is unique for its low THC levels and mind-racking sleep-inducing abilities. While the herb also has its limitations and disadvantages, it can be counted upon to meet users’ needs.