A Dried flower bouquet is completely contemporary. Where the dried bouquet used to have a dusty image, the bouquets are back. But what exactly are dried flowers? How can you make dried flowers yourself and keep them beautiful? We tell you everything about the dried flower bouquet. Read on quickly for more information.

What is a dried flower bouquet?

Dried flowers bouquet consists of dried flowers. But not only that, because dried flowers is actually a collective name for naturally dried decoration. This can therefore not only be flowers, but also grains or ornamental flowers, lianas and dried pine cones.

Flowers you can use for your dry bouquet

If you want to make a dried bouquet yourself, it is important to first know which dried flowers are suitable for this. Not all flowers can be used for this. Sometimes the stems are too weak or too moist. Flowers that you can use for a dried flower bouquet are: roses, cow parsley, sunflowers, poppy, craspedia, drumsticks and cornflowers. Lavender, hydrangeas, straw flowers, gypsophila, Zeeland heather and angelica are also extremely suitable.

Make your own dried flower bouquet

You can make your own dry bouquet fairly easily. What you do need for this is patience. Make sure you hang the bunch of flowers or grass upside down in a dark and well-ventilated area. Firm or hard flowers and crops are best suited for this. To ensure that the flowers dry well, you can also spray hairspray on them. Some flowers, such as baby’s breath, can be left upright in a vase to dry.

Taking care of the dry bouquet

How can you best take care of your dried flower bouquet? The main thing is not to water the plants. Unlike regular flowers, your dried flowers will not get any better. It is also best to place the bouquet out of sunlight. Dried flowers have the longest shelf life in the shade. Sunlight causes the bouquet to discolor faster and fall out earlier. Because dried flowers do not like moisture, we do not recommend placing the flowers in the bathroom or in other damp areas. You should treat a dry bouquet as carefully as possible. When you want to arrange the bouquet, it is best to work from the stems. If you grab the dried flowers at the top, there is a greater chance that the dried flower will break off.

How long does the dry bouquet stay good?

How long does a dried flower bouquet last? You can enjoy a dried bouquet for about half a year. Fresh flowers usually only last a week. This makes dried flowers a sustainable alternative. And it is also better for your wallet to place dried flowers instead of real flowers. Some types of dried flowers, such as wheat, can keep well for more than half a year. Eucalyptus branches can stay good for 1 to 3 years. Has your bouquet of dried flowers partially finished flowering? Then you can reuse part of it in a new dry bouquet. Do you also opt for the many possibilities of the dried flower bouquet? Start making your own dry bouquet right away!