Can you believe it has been eight years since my favourite TV show, The Office, finished?! Nine seasons and 201 episodes have come and gone and I miss all those great characters. So how thrilled was I when I found that there is a party game based on the show! Box Against Office is the latest version of that wonderfully twisted game, Cards Against Humanity.

As soon as I saw this on the internet, I bought my set immediately, and I haven’t stopped playing it for a week now – it is hysterical! I have played this with my family and also my friends, who loved the zany show too.

It is great to find a game that all my favorite Office characters are in and brings back all their funniest lines and moments. Micheal, Dwight, Jim, Ryan, Kelly, Meredith & Phyllis are all here and put into the most hilarious situations.

I am sure you have all played Cards Against Humanity before? And you really must be a horrible person to play it well. Now imagine that inappropriate and politically incorrect humor tied into the nerdy and zany world of The Office.

Box Against Office is a great party game that you will spend hours playing each night. What better way to finish off a night, with your family and friends, after watching reruns over pizza and beer then spending a couple of hours making up hilarious scenarios with these cards from Box Against Office.

Each box comes with 180 cards (36 black and 144 white) that will allow you to make up endless hysterical combinations. Whether it is only four of you or over 20 people playing, it is guaranteed to keep you guffawing with laughter for hours.

Oh, by the way, this is not a digital version, this Box Against Office party game is the real thing. When you buy it, an actual box, containing all the cards will be delivered to your door.

Here are a couple of great examples: ‘What does Michael hate more than Toby?’; ‘What makes Dwight, Dwight?’; ‘If I had a gun with two bullets and I was in a room with ___ and Toby. I would shoot Toby twice.’; ‘Going twenty eight years old without having sex’; ‘Asking yourself, “what an idiot would do?”‘.

All these cards will immediately bring back funny memories of your favorite TV show. But, as you can imagine, with the humor of Cards Against Humanity involved, this has a very adult theme to it. So this party game is not for the young ones!  But for the rest of us, this is such a riot to play, me and my friends were howling with laughter until our sides hurt.

It was so popular with my friends that we have made it a regular weekly date. A party game to go with our Office reruns and our beer and pizza. Box Against Office has been the best thing I have bought in ages!

What are you waiting for? Buy a set and “Declare bankruptcy!” now.