What are SNS nails?

SNS stands for Signature Nail System. It is a powder dipping procedure that utilizes a gel-like substance and powder.

SNS or dip nails are very different from your moderate manicure. These methods are made from powder rather than using polish. First, dip your nails into a pot of colored powder, secondly protect the color from the bonding liquid, thirdly repeat this method a few times, and you have attractive and fashionable nails! All about SNS nails pros and cons.

SNS Nails Pros

Of course, the most significant benefit of this dip powder is that the simple fact is a particularly long-lasting manicure which can be done with the help of simple nude toe nail polish

  1. Comfort

SNS nails use fully odorless powder. Compared to using acrylic nail manicure, you get a special powder on your nails, which leaves you very thin and very noticeable and awkward nails.

  • Lightweight and smooth application

SNS supposes especially light, especially on the nail. It’s easy to make, has no drilling, requires very light filing, and has very little mess overall. The effects are more natural than the gel nail theme.

  • No ultraviolet light

Ultraviolet light affects the pores, the skin, and the whole body. Products including acrylic and gel nail cutting require ultraviolet publicity within the production process. So, if you are suffering from skin problems, then applying SNS nails is very unusual.

  • Time

It takes a long time to create nails stylishly by assuming the classic acrylic and gel technique. Dip powder nails do not require much time to work.

  • Fast and Easy

The base coat is easily applied in SNS. Nails dry in seconds. You can go in and out of the salon especially fast.

SNS Nails Cons

This gel looks more expensive than nails when you do it in a salon. SNS nails take testing and bugs to check the color of the dip powder you use when dry, which takes some time, and some colors change their color scheme.

  • The removal Process

SNS takes slightly more time than other nail fashions but is more difficult to remove. The process of removing SNS is completely long. It can easily damage your nails if you hurry. If SNS is removed inaccurately, and it can destroy your natural nails.

  • Bonding Agents

Using a double coat on the nail can be a little difficult to remove later. Occasionally, you will require acetone to remove SNS nails, which some people hate.

  • Sanitary

The biggest problem with this type of manicure is that it can be unhealthy and unsanitary. If you have a nail salon, you should preferably determine if it is a real powder dip, or a nail technician will brush on the powder.

  • Price

It is a fact that SNS nails at a little higher expense. Yet, there are several things to pay attention to of SNS nails. The first is that the price difference is likely quick as the remedy appears and achieves popularity. Manicurists learn how to do it, and many people specialize in it at home, the price of materials will lower. Also, consider that you can get a well-done dip powder manicure for four weeks.


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