A boat is a vessel for travelling in water. This vessel can transport things by water, and you can use it for sailing or other recreational activities. 

Boats come in different sizes, shapes, and capacities. Choosing the right boat for you is a hard decision. It is hard to decide when you are unsure of the options available in the market. Consider reading different guides to help you choose. You can also check out Takacat America for more information and help you narrow your choices.

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Generally, boats have three main categories, this includes:

Man-powered boats

These boats are set in motion and powered by human power and strength. You can typically use it for recreational activities. Man-powered boats include:

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A canoe is a lightweight and narrow boat propelled by paddles. You can use canoes in lakes, rivers, estuaries, and canals. A canoe is also fit for recreational activities like water racing and touring. That is also great for fishing and camping activities. 


A kayak is a narrow boat propelled by double-bladed paddles. You can use a kayak to explore lakes, river rapids, creeks, and the sea. A kayak is also great to use in activities like kayaking and fishing. 

Paddle boats

A paddle boat or pedalo is a boat propelled by pedals like you are pedalling on a bicycle. You can use these boats for mild rivers or moving waters. 

Pedal boats

A pedal boat is similar to a paddle boat, and a pedal boat uses your feet to propel. You can use it in calm waters for activities like lake fishing. 


A rowboat is a small boat mainly propelled and controlled by oars. You can use this boat around waterfronts, fishing camps, inland waters, and docks. 

Rowing shells

A rowing shell is a long and narrow boat. You can use a rowing shell for exercise or a racing competition. 

Surf skis

A surf ski is a type of kayak designed for open ocean paddling. You can use a surf ski for racing, and you can also use a surf ski for surf lifesaving competitions and downwind paddling activities. 

Sail-powered boats

A sail-powered boat propels by using sails mounted on the vessel, harnessing the wind and navigating the sea with it. A sail-powered ship has three different types, this includes:


A monohull is a sail-powered boat with only one hull. A monohull has a large hull beam that is stable and can handle severe weather conditions. A monohull includes: 

  • dinghy
  • sloop
  • cutter
  • ketch
  • schooner 


A catamaran is a multi-hulled vessel that has two equal and parallel hulls. This type of boat is perfect to be a fishing boat. The two design of a catamaran includes:

  • pontoon
  • small waterplane area twin-hull (SWATH)

Multi-hull crafts 

A multi-hull craft known as trimarans has three to five hulls. This type of boat is very stable in the sea, which is difficult to manufacture and rarely seen in the market. 

Engine-powered boats 

An engine-powered boat is a vessel powered by an engine. Engine-powered boats include:

  • motorboat
  • speed boat
  • powerboat 

What should you consider when buying a boat?

Buying a boat is a big decision. Here are all the things you need to consider when buying a boat:

You budget

Before buying anything, you should be able to have a budget to spend. Some boats are expensive and have a high maintenance cost. You will be spending money on things like:

  • fuel
  • gears
  • accessories
  • storage
  • docking and marina fees 


Figure out the purpose of why you will buy a boat. Are you buying a boat for exercise, recreation, or business? It is not right to buy a multi-hull craft if you only want to fish in the river. Is the boat you wish to suitable for the water location you are planning? 


You should also consider the size of the boat you want. Some factors can help you decide the size of the boat you need, including:

  • Where will you use the boat? 
  • Are you going to sleep on board?
  • How many passengers will be there on board?
  • Will you need more room for storage space?


You also need to consider the maximum amount of things the boat can contain. Does your boat need to fit on your trailer for transport inland? You should also be able to know the size and capacity of the engine. 


The material used to make the boat will define its quality. You need to consider the materials used to know how long will the vessel last. 

Boat design

Some people factor the design in choosing the right boat. You can consider the aesthetic view and the layout of the vessel. 


If you are looking for a boat for a cargo transport business, you need to factor in the boat’s functionality. Engine-powered vessels are ideal for this and not man-powered boats.


When factoring in the durability of the boat, you should be able to answer the questions: 

  • Is it going to last for long?
  • Is the material of the vessel durable enough? 
  • Can you use the boat to the water with a strong current? 
  • How often would you use the boat?


You also need to factor in the age of the boat you are buying, and the age will affect the future maintenance and durability of the boat you purchased. 


When buying a second-hand boat, you should be sure that the condition is still good. The vessel should be able to float in the water or do things you expect the vessel to do. 


Buying a boat is an expensive investment. It is necessary to have your boat insured against any potential damage. Boat insurance coverage varies depending on the type of your boat. There are insurance factors that you also need to know, including:

  • age of the boat
  • value of the boat
  • condition of the boat
  • speed or horsepower of the boat
  • type of the boat
  • length of the boat
  • boat operation


When buying a boat, you need to consider how much time you would use it. When you plan to do a recreational water tour once a year, it would be best if you will rent a boat instead of buying one. 


When you are buying a used boat, you should inspect it thoroughly. Make sure to test drive the boat before making the purchase. It would also help if you ask the owner of the following questions:

  • Is he the original owner of the vessel?
  • How often is the boat been to a service?
  • How many are the recorded hours on the engine?
  • Can he transfer the warranty of the boat?
  • Are there any issues or problems with the boat?
  • Why is he selling the boat?


You should also be able to consider help with your boat motor maintenance. If you are planning to buy an engine-powered vessel, you should be able to keep the boat clean and lubricated. That should ride with proper fluids to avoid damage to the engine. Here are some tips for maintaining your boat:

  • Regularly wash the boat
  • Have the engine in service at least once a year
  • Check the water pump regularly
  • Check the battery often
  • Check all boat joints and secure them 

Buying a boat is a major purchase and a huge decision. You will need to do a lot of thinking before buying one, but it should not be stressful but rather rewarding because, like any other property, a boat has value.