Well, the short answer is, Profhilo isn’t just good. It is amazing! And it’s taking the beauty industry of the UK by storm. 

Mostly, everyone is doing it. 

It swiftly takes the fillers’ crown because it has nearly kicked Botox into touch. It is the ultimate make-me-look-a-whole-lot-better procedure for anyone who has ever thought they need to leave for a holiday right after the treatment.

As increasingly becoming the talk of the town, the result is a slightly plumper, healthy and dewy glow that will take five years off your face. 

Profhilo includes a 100% synthetic hyaluronic acid injected into the face by a tiny needle. It re-textures and rehydrates a crepey skin in a way that no topical ointment or lotion can do. Dermatologically, the treatment is administered a couple of sessions a month apart. 

And a piece of a good fortune is it is not a weepingly painful procedure. 

Before we get the scoop on does it really work, let’s try to prove its efficacy through the following studies and then we’ll head to its basics that what it is. 

  • According to Dr Rachel Ho, an aesthetic doctor and the beauty insider to Buro 24/7 and ELLE, a small study involving 15 individuals proved that they experienced improvements in skin elasticity and hydration
  • According to DrRachelHo, Profhilo improved the practicality of adipocyte stem cells for a better makeover of the skin in terms of support and elasticity. 
  • To review the safety of injections, a study showed that temporary bruising and swelling were the main concerns of discomfort. No major complication was reported, such as arterial occlusion. 

What is Profhilo?

Created to deal with ageing skin, Profhilo is a revolutionary skin remodelling procedure specifically for lifeless skin that lacks volume and elasticity. 

This non-surgical treatment works exceptionally well on the facial skin to treat a crepey neck or décolletage and hands. It’s specifically helpful for age-related concerns such as loose skin and wrinkles.

Victorious of the 2016 Product Innovation of the year, Profhilo fillers were first created in Italy, and they soon acquired enormous global recognition, finding their way to the UK in 2015.

How does it work?

The one of a kind formula of Profhilo was created to hydrate your face and not just work as a filler. Formulated with the appropriate levels of HA, the injections will stimulate the development of collagen and elastane, making your facial skin look more revitalised and youthful.

HA is a substance that naturally exists within your body; it’s responsible for keeping your skin moisturised. Having said that, with age, your body may produce less and less of it. 

Profhilo doesn’t fill in your lines or wrinkles, but instead, it handles your skin laxity with its groundbreaking’ skin remodelling system’.

The treatment features a number of positive aspects, making it one of the most reliable treatments in the world. Here are some exceptional reasons for you to consider such a treatment.…

Amazing hydration

Probably the most common skin issue across all skin types is reducing hydration. Hydration is the building block of healthy and balanced skin, providing smoothness, resilience and strength. 

The hydration provided by the Profhilo procedure is second to none.

It’s not a dermal filler

Even though dermal fillers include hyaluronic acid, Profhilo is a bit different. 

Contrary to dermal fillers, it works in proportion with your body by encouraging it to restore its own natural HA (which reduces as you age). 

It likewise helps promote further production of elastin and collagen, thereby leaving your skin tighter, rejuvenated and invigorated.

Elasticity and collagen

Along with tightening the skin, Profhilo also promoted collagen production. Not only does it strengthen the skin elasticity, but it provides resilience. All of this works together to give your skin a shiny glow and ensures a major reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and even the appearance of some scars. 

Fast pace procedure

You don’t have to wait very long to view some great benefits of the Profhilo treatment. 

Results are seen very quickly after the treatment. And speaking of the pace, the treatment itself is also very swift and not specifically invasive. 

It’s something you could conveniently fit into a lunch hour if you want to do so!

Slow-release properties

Although the results on your skin are there to be noticed straight away, HA has slow-release properties. Your skin will continue to tighten, hydrate and regain elasticity over the following days, sometimes weeks. What does this mean? 

Skin laxity is now a thing of past

Profhilo is widely-known for its commendable performance in treating skin laxity. 

The procedure where elastin fibres and collagen counteract skin laxity are remodelled on the dermal matrix. 

Since the procedure would make your skin appear as fresh as ever, you won’t experience any skin laxity following the treatment. 

Improves skin quality

The Profhilo treatment is designed to solve several skin issues you deal with every day. This procedure is exemplary for those who get facial lines, crepiness, loose skin, or wrinkles. It cleans away facial lines from your skin and makes it appear flawless, clear and spotless. Speaking of tightening, it pulls or lifts your skin and makes you look fresher and younger.

Does Profhilo really work?

If injected on a strict schedule, the results of profhilo are fantastic. 

It’s worth noting that they must be injected on the schedule of one month apart for your first couple of sessions (if results are not 100%, then you may likely be receiving a 3rd session one month later). 

The maintenance sessions are performed every 6 months. 

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