If you want to create your own interior design without professional help, you have to know where to start and how to continue. Not everyone can afford to address expensive designers. Some people want to design rooms by their own rules. This is when you might need a reliable room designing application, plan, and this guide.

Top Tips for Amateurs

To create your home design is a science. You have to learn it before you begin to change anything. Despite the popular opinion that your house can be designed only by professionals, even luxury design can be thought out and implemented in life by a total amateur. Here are the basic secrets of your success:

  • Handy apps. You can use modern technologies to create the house of your dreams. Room Planner app, for example, helps you to build a 3D model of your room with all renovations you want to place there. Don’t do anything without checking out what your decision will look like;
  • Inspiration from websites and magazines. If you don’t know what you want, that’s ok. You have plenty of websites like Pinterest to get inspiration from. You can easily check out projects of other people before you create something on your own;
  • Colors. Be careful with too many hues in your interior. The first thing you have to do is to choose the basic color. It will be the shade for your walls. Pick another color for your furniture. The third color can dominate in the décor such as pillows or flowers. The right color can add light to your home. Consider a wide range of shades you can receive from the basic colors;
  • Texture. If you want to paint a room in one color, you have to experiment with texture as well, using textile or fabric. Add the elements you believe in while decorating the room but be careful not to ruin the original idea. You can check out concepts from popular magazines, movies, or specialized platforms like Room Planner for numerous examples;
  • Furniture. Do you want to buy new furniture or use the old one? If you choose the latter option, you can build the entire room’s interior around it. For example, use the old armchair in Victorian-era style as the centerpiece of your room. This way, you can easily recreate the Victorian atmosphere there. If you want to buy new furniture, programs like Room Planner can assist you in seeing what a new sofa or bed will look like. There is also a broad catalog of furniture items you can find in any store;
  • Decorations. Think about the décor you want to add to your room. If you have plenty of posters, decorative bowls, or candles, you might want to place them properly in the room.

Perfect Room from Newbie

If this is your first project ever, don’t rush with renovations. You have to learn in the first place, watch tutorials, read helpful guides, and use specialized software. Only after you receive the idea of your future room, you can proceed to the next steps.