Students fear working on argumentative papers because it requires time, research, effort, and skill. They find themselves on the slippery side of the slope when they have to juggle work, classes, and assignments while preparing a paper to engage the audience. We are here with the ideal ways to write a hook for essays!

Start with a question.

If you want to be an excellent argumentative essay writer, you have to learn ways to engage the audience. Such papers are merely about persuading people by presenting both sides of the debate, yet ensuring that yours stands out and seems like the right one.

How to write a hook for an argumentative essay?

One way to capture the audience’s attention is by introducing a question. It sparks curiosity and calls them out to read further. That’s what such a phrase is supposed to do! A hook is an enticing statement that keeps the readers “hooked” to the paper; that is precisely what a question will do.

The choice is yours if you want to make it complicated or go for a simple question. Let’s explain it with an example. If you’re writing about the global economic situation, you might ask the readers, “where will the economic powers stand in the future?”. It is a simple question with much ambiguity and loopholes.

Therefore, you can also go for a complicated, specific question, like “Where will the world economic situation stand in the next ten years considering the current crisis?”.

We would advise you to use the latter approach, as readers look for value, not ambiguity! The clearer the introductory paragraph is, the more likely they will stick to your passage and move towards the argumentative essay body paragraph.

Use descriptive words

You must keep the format in mind when you work on any essay. The argumentative essay format is just like a usual paper. According to that, the phrase is a part of the introductory paragraph. But can you write it like a typical sentence? Not precisely, and you need to make it more appealing.

The phrase will set the impression of your paper. So, you have to use intriguing words that can paint an image in the reader’s mind to understand the gravity of the situation. It will teach you how to start an argumentative essay in the perfect way possible.

The more you use descriptive words, the better it will be for your paper. They make the meaning of your sentence crystal clear, and there is no room for ambiguity. It can be a challenge if you’re an international student, as your vocabulary grip isn’t as firm as the rest.

You can look for essay hook examples online and try to imitate them. If you’re running short on time, you can paraphrase a similar sentence related to the subject of your paper, and it saves you time, and you can practice better for future sentences like this.

The fact/ Statistic hook

Hooks for essays are sometimes not as effective as you consider them in words. Such times require you to use an alternate approach, and you can use a fact that sets your paper apart from others.

Facts are more vital than anything else because they are unchangeable and don’t come from a person’s subjective point of view.

Another thing you can do is use statistics. These are powerful and mention numerical data that proves your point and the intensity of the discussion that is to come later in the paper.

It is a great way to impress people and make them see the situation through your eyes with proof! There is no doubt when you use statistics in argumentative essays.

Avoid using vague words like “many” in your sentence because they do not offer anything but act as fillers to meet the word limit. Remember: Your goal is to provide value and prove your stance through effective writing. Be specific and use descriptive words.

Such vague words don’t even help you describe anything. If you are feeling under the weather or are merely intimidated by the nature of the essay, you can seek argumentative essay help online and get rid of the burden.

The story hook

Visual information stays in our minds for extended periods, and it isn’t dull or dry like facts and figures. It works best to read the sentence in a story form for some people.

They will find it exciting, and you can slowly move towards a severe tone instead of bombarding your audience with facts and a serious tone from the beginning. It is one of the essential steps to writing an argumentative essay.

There are moments when you feel bored reading your phrase, too, if you pay attention to it. If you turn it into a story that the reader can imagine in their mind, they will surely stick to your paper.

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The only thing you must do is ensure that you use the right words. You can learn how to write a hook in an essay by checking out some online sources that use the story hook.

Make it short

Many students think about how to write an argumentative essay but never find a genuine answer. The key is to understand that your hook cannot be too lengthy, and a wordy one will only repel people and reduce your paper’s effectiveness.

Argumentative essay steps remain incomplete without the understanding of writing a hook. But here is what you can do:

  • Keep it short;
  • Try to make it simple;
  • It should be easy to understand;
  • Don’t add too many details to it;
  • The statement should only comprise 15 to 20 words.

Keep these critical points in your mind while working on the hook to interest your reader. If you ramble on for an entire paragraph, the sentence will stop making any sense. And guess what that will do? Send your readers to your competitor’s paper.

So, if you want to save your grade and make it to your teacher’s good books, keep the hook short and sweet by ensuring you strike a balance using these points for the sweet spot!

It will seem like a challenge initially, but you will find it beneficial in the long run as it saves time and gives you word space for essential details later in the paper.

Use these tips and tricks to write the ideal hook. The hook will surely grab your reader’s attention and put your paper on a pedestal. It takes a bit of practice and unique ideas, but you will never have problems working with argumentative essay hooks once you start. Good luck!