Picking a cloud service is the result of a big decision. So if you are choosing Salesforce for your customer relationship management service, this blog is for you.

Know the benefits of Salesforce Field Service Lightning – one of Salesforce’s features for companies and organizations to ease the management process.

What is Field Service Lightning?

It is management software. The primary task of the software is to trace regular data and prepare schemes from the data collected. Giving you an extra point- Field Service Lightning (FSL) and Salesforce Field Service (SFS) are no different.

Core Field Services

  • Setting up standard appointment criteria, key competencies, and operational hours for the business
  • Salesforce app installing for remote access locations
  • Tracking of van stock and inventory to reach customer demands
  • Recording and analysis of field service data


  • It provides a precise schedule to the service team.
  • The software defines individuals’ competency and assigns tasks accordingly and appropriately.
  • FSL provides an electronic signature facility when accepting the work request and acknowledging the service.
  • Possible to register up to 3000 technicians, and the capacity can be increased
  • Supervisors find it easy to manage the services from technicians via Gantt graph or map view.
  • There are options for administrators to configure and manage service guidelines, work structure, and basic other requirements.

To enjoy these features, don’t forget to install the Field Service mobile app.

6 Significant Benefits of Field Service Lightning for Your Company

Let’s know what specialty field service comes with that ultimately boosts the employees’ productivity and personalizes their performance.

Data Collections via Mobile Device

For any cloud-based service, connection failure can be a big question. There can be internet issues making technicians unable to collect data. Since the mobile application is available, one can easily store data.

There will be data synchronization or recorded data upon the restoration of the connection. Then, the respective team will have access to them.

Automatic, easy, and efficient administration

Salesforce field service reduces human errors and lessens the execution duration. The technicians can maintain continuous communications with other agents. They can report instantly any occurrence, and quick measure is feasible.

Not only that, by field service, you can also automate several tasks like scheduling appointments or preventive maintenance.

Enhancement of productivity

Huge data collection of FSL provides advanced knowledge about tools, materials, and types of work. So, the field agents can prepare the ideal team with skills and experiences and brief them.

Along with that, access to the previous reports help them anticipate a solution to the problems which may occur later.

Inventory Management Optimization
Optimization of inventory management secures control over facilities and resources. Additionally, field service lightning keeps the record of inventory returns and repairments.

Tracking over inventory and stocking up vehicles supplying the technicians with necessities is also attainable.
Real-time Visibility

In FSL, the users can utilize any data from any operational section anywhere. Activities like close work orders, service appointments, service reports presentation, and tracking of the used materials can be managed and assigned without interruption.

The associates can engage the nearest technicians if any disruption evolves. This is how the time gap between identifying a problem and responding turns into nearly zero. It is like the technicians come from the same site of the event.

Excellent Customer Experience

In the end, what matters is customer satisfaction. Salesforce Field Service or Field Service Lightning brings contractors, customers, and field service teams together. That helps to provide quality service, and this is how a positive customer experience takes shape.

Customer prefers attention and positive response to their feedback over the service they bought. From the attention to resolution, there are several indicators and systems. These have to be studied and configured initially.

Last Words

Because of the competition, it has become crucial for every company to be conversant about the performance of individual branches. A sophisticated and up-to-date management tool like Salesforce Field Service Lightning plays a prime role there.

Since you know the benefits of field service lightning for your company, now, it might be easy for you whether it meets your need or not.