Maria Ressa, who are you? Why is she so well-known in countries like the Philippines and Germany? Maria Ressa has become a Google trend thanks to her amazing career and being the first Independent Filipino Nobel Laureate. Due to her dedication, research skills, and personal growth, she has built a huge following.

If you’re interested in her whole life, including how she began her career, her achievements and awards, as well as her personal life. Read our Maria Ressa Wiki .

Maria Ressa

Maria Ressa, one of the largest American journalists and authors, is also co-founder/CEO of Rappler. She is an experienced CNN investigator reporter for SE Asia.

She was selected as the Time person of 2018 for her outstanding collection of Journalists opposing false news. Next, she was arrested for Cyberlibel. Rappler published an fake news piece against Wilfredo King, a strong businessman.

A vocal critic, she has also achieved great success throughout her career. Maria Ressa Wiki reports that she received the Nobel peace prize in her home country.

Maria Ressa Facts:

  • Full name Maria Ressa
  • Birth Date: 2-October-1963
  • Qualification: Bachelor of Arts (from Princeton University).
  • Citizenship- Philippine (US)
  • Profession- Journalist. Co-founder of Rappler.
  • Awards: UNESCO and Cano World Press Freedom Prizes, Nobel Peace Prize, and Golden pen freedom award
  • Official website-

Ressa’s Earlier Life

Ressa, who was born on the 2nd of October 1963, was also one-year old. Her father had died before she was born. After her father’s passing, Ressa’s mother moved to the USA and left her children with her sister. Her children were visited often by her mother. Further in Maria Ressa, her mother was married to an Italian-American woman and her step-father adopted Ressa when she was ten.

In Princeton University she earned her BA and certificates in English. A Fulbright fellowship was granted to her at that time.

Ressa’s Successes:

Ressa has achieved many notable achievements throughout her career. We have listed some of the major awards which have earned her international recognition.

  • She won the 2010 Wonderful Woman of the Year Award
  • In 2015 she received the Excellence in Radio Broadcasting Achievement Award
  • In 2016, the Most Influential and Powerful Leader Award and many more.

Maria Ressa Wiki- Net Worth

Maria is one of America’s most prominent journalists. Rappler, a popular news website that has been viewed by millions worldwide, is her co-founder. Maria Ressa’s estimated net worth ranges from $2 million to $3,000,000, depending on how successful the company is.

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The Bottom Line

Maria is a strong woman with great character and dignity. Her professional career and personal life are important to her. Due to her exceptional investigation skills, she has received numerous awards. Her motto is “Justice and Human Rights.”