Building a successful career in IT is not magic or luck. It’s hard work and determination! When you decide to level up your career and be successful in IT, you’ll need to carefully plan each step. Therefore, if you decided to build a career in security, you should start from the basics. Therefore, you should follow the accreditation process for getting the Microsoft 70-483: Security Fundamentals certification. For that passing a certification exam 98-367 is a must.The obtained accreditation will verify your skills in security fundamentals and it will unlock your path to unique opportunities. In addition, you’ll receive a digital badge that represents valid proof of your professional skills. And now, if you are curious to learn more about the advantages brought by the 70-740: Security Fundamentals designation for your career, don’t miss the paragraphs below.

  • Consolidate your knowledge on security topics

Being certified means the possession of definite skills. Looking at the topics included in the Microsoft Security Fundamentals exam, you’ll discover that you should be competent in the following topics:

  • Management and implementation of MD-100 core principles, physical, internet, and wireless security in an enterprise environment;
  • Understanding the security of the operating system;
  • Management of dedicated firewall and implementation of protocol security and network isolation;
  • Understanding client protection and management of server and email protection process.
  • Get recognized for your knowledge

By building your skills on the topics mentioned above, you’ll soon discover that your productivity has significantly improved. Also, you’ll become more MS-100 in your skills and open to becoming part of more complex projects. Like this, you’ll quickly become a valuable team member and partner for your employers. The Microsoft MTA: Security Fundamentals certification not only demonstrates your skills but will also show your openness and dedication to new technologies and concepts, as well as your commitment to continuous development and growth.

  • Attract the employers’ attention

As mentioned above, once you obtain the AZ-300: Security Fundamentals accreditation, you will receive a digital badge that you can share on your profile and social media. This is an amazing opportunity for you, as you’ll quickly attract the recruiters’ attention. As the competition in IT is quite tough, employers usually consider Microsoft certifications as an important criterion for hiring. Therefore, once you display it on your profile, your chances to be invited to an interview will be considerably higher.

  • Improve your job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is one of the most frequent problems that most employees have. So, when you obtain this entry-level certificate from Microsoft, you’ll feel that your efforts were not in vain. As mentioned above, when you get certified, you’ll be considered an experienced team member and get invited to work on more serious projects. Therefore, you’ll feel more motivated to do your work and your DP-200level will be improved considerably.


The Microsoft MTA: Security Fundamentals certification can significantly change your career path. Apart from helping you consolidate your knowledge on security topics, it will also boost your self-confidence. In addition, certified professionals get recognized faster and have a higher level of satisfaction and productivity. Go for it!