Everyone loves getting rewards and credits for shopping online. Amazon . com Bonus Credit Text is developing a buzz among online buyers and everybody within the U . s . States really wants to know if it’s legit or any other scam.

Online scammers realize that people prefer to win rewards and obtain free credits for online shipping on Amazon . com.com. So, they give scam and pretend texts claiming to provide $100 and $150 bonus credit for Amazon . com shopping.

Recipients have to click the provided link and share details to win the power credit, which is in which the actual scam starts. Let’s browse more details about this.

What’s Amazon . com Bonus Credit Text?

Amazon . com Bonus Credit Message or Text may be the new scam message that online buyers within the U . s . States receive on their own cell phones. The written text message states supply to $150 bonus credit for shopping online on Amazon . com.com.

However, the written text message isn’t in the Amazon . com server or even the Amazon . com government bodies. It’s the text online scammers who send such messages to steal card details and people’s private information.

They give the written text having a suspicious link which recipients have to click to talk about their personal and card details to win the rewards or bonus credit. So, the fraudster steals the private information from innocent buyers and sells these to organizations for the money.

There’s no confirmation for such Amazon . com Bonus Credit Text from the organization, and maybe it’s a scam.

How you can Prevent Such Scam Texts?

There are various methods to prevent and remain protected against such fraudster messages. You’ve got to be vigilant and alert with your random messages.

•           The general rule is you mustn’t have confidence in random messages and stick to the steps as pointed out. You have to verify it with the organization before discussing any details.

•           You have to know the methods to recognize text scams. The random messages always have a unique link, also it states offer rewards and bonus credits. But, you have to verify it on the internet before hitting the hyperlink.

•           You must choose the “Do Not Disturb” service in which you won’t receive such random Amazon . com Bonus Credit Texts from scammers.

•           Recipients may also report concerning the scam messages at BBB Scam Tracker online.

•           If you’ve clicked the hyperlink and shared your card details, please call your bank and block the credit card immediately to remain protected.

What exactly are Customer Reactions?

Recommendations video online reviews, that have been printed lately. The recording review confirms that it’s the scam texts online scammers, which should be prevented.

Lots of people within the video’s comment section shared their views and stated they’ve been receiving such messages and wish to know its authenticity. So, the footage clarifies it a gimmick text and should be prevented.


Amazon . com Bonus Credit Text is really a scam message from some online scammers, also it should not be reliable. Besides, there’s no confirmation from Amazon . com for such deals, offers, and bonus credits. So, people must avoid such random messages and remain alert.

Have you ever received such random scam messages? Please share your views within the comment section.