You love your Dodge Charger. It’s your pride and joy. Whether you’re driving a classic first-generation B-body or a modern-day LX, you love the sleek design and souped-up power of a Hemi that is commonly associated with Dodge craftsmanship. No matter the model year or trim, your Charger needs a car insurance policy that properly protects the vehicle, you as a driver, and those on the road with you. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about insuring your prized possession.

Where you drive will impact premiums.

You may be wondering, are Dodge Chargers expensive to insure? The truth is premiums are impacted by a litany of factors beyond just driving your Charger. One of the most common factors in auto insurance rates is where you call home. Where you live plays a big part in determining prices for Dodge Charger insurance prices. A good driver about age 40 could pay as low as $1,260 a year in states like Missouri, New Hampshire, and Vermont, or as much as $2,350 on average in Michigan, New York, and Louisiana. Rates for your car may also vary based on suburban, metropolitan, and rural locations.

Your car insurance cost is also impacted by your experience on the road. New drivers and older drivers are deemed high-risk for inexperience or limited motor skills respectively. The average rate for a Dodge Charger is also impacted by driving history, and the amount of insurance claims that are filed by you, or that you are involved in. When searching for the best price on auto insurance, you’ll want to explore your auto insurance quotes to check terms and conditions and see what is excluded from your policies based on the rate you’re paying.

Trim level and model year also affect insurance rates.

While a Dodge Charger is a cut above the rest, the model year of any vehicle can affect auto insurance rates. The cost of your car is a major factor in the cost to insure it. Other variables include the likelihood of theft, the cost of repairs, its engine size, and the overall safety record of that model of Charger. The cost of comprehensive car insurance declines based on the age of the vehicle. However, insurance rates can be impacted on older first and second-generation models based on the usage of the only four-door muscle car of its kind.

Full coverage insurance for Dodge Chargers is also impacted by the trim level of the car. Trim level is a term used by manufacturers to identify a vehicle’s level of equipment or special features. You may see a higher rate for more intricate designs or greater horsepower compared to a standard Charger model. For example, the monthly premium on a new standard Charger can average at around $134 per month. However, a Dodge Charger AWD, featuring all-wheel drive and a powerful engine, can send car insurance prices up a bit.

There are discounts for your Dodge.

Whether you drive a modern Dodge Charger or the iconic muscle car of the ’60s, there are car insurance discounts out there to score a lower rate. Depending on coverage options, you may be able to bundle your car insurance with other policies to unify coverage under one premium. Car insurance companies may offer discounts for at-risk drivers, such as completion of defensive driving courses or good student discounts for teen drivers to score their savings in the classroom.

Going paperless with your auto insurance policy’s invoice can also score you some savings, as well as the use of a mobile app. However, perhaps the most common discount available across all insurance companies is a safe driving discount. With fewer to no claims or recent accidents, you can save on insurance, and use those savings to better care for your Dodge Charger with each time you get behind the wheel.