Spirulina is a type of algae and, interestingly, one of the oldest forms of life on our planet. The Aztecs used spirulina to increase endurance but also to treat various illnesses. The use of spirulina didn’t end with Aztecs; this alga is popular by many health-focused people and businesses today in the modern world. In fact, spirulina extract has important economic benefits in the food industry. Find out more below. 

Can spirulina extract be used in food? Is it safe?

Spirulina extract is safe to use in food. As a blue coloring agent, spirulina extract is found in various foods and beverages, including breakfast cereals, dairy-based desserts, flavored dairy products, processed fruits and beverages, cheese, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, baking mixes, baked goods, sauces and gravies, egg products, soup mixes and soups, herbs and spices, among others. Additionally, spirulina extract is used as an ingredient in pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements. 

The use of spirulina extract in the food industry is widespread. You can find it in foods in the European Union, China, Mexico, Japan, the United States, among other places. Consumption of spirulina is considered safe, particularly due to its long history as a food. But it is important to focus on the quality of spirulina extract, ensure it has high purity, to avoid contamination with bacteria or heavy metals. 

What are the benefits of spirulina extract for human health?

Spirulina extract can improve human health in many ways. The most important health benefits of spirulina are:

  • Highly nutritious, abundant in vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, and other nutrients
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects
  • Lower levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides 
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved symptoms of allergic rhinitis 
  • Anemia management
  • Better muscle strength and endurance
  • Improved blood glucose control

What are the economic benefits of using spirulina extract in the food industry?

Economically speaking, spirulina extract is beneficial for the food industry. First, it is important to mention spirulina can be grown easily on an industrial scale, and it minimizes pollution. Since it can be grown easily, it’s also faster to obtain spirulina extract that food manufacturers can use in their products. 

For companies within the food industry, both big and small, spirulina extract is more profitable to handle than the actual algae. Why? It’s simple – extracts are powerful, especially if you buy those with high purity. That means a small amount of extract is necessary to provide desired effects (adding color, improving the nutritional profile, and overall health of consumers). In other words, spirulina extract allows for increased production of food at lower costs. 

How to find the best spirulina extract?

The importance of spirulina extract for the food industry is immense. That being said, to get the most from spirulina extract, you need to make sure you choose the right supplier. Not all suppliers will provide the highest quality and purity of phycocyanin powder. So, if you don’t choose wisely, the quality of your products will suffer. Here are the tips to consider when looking for the best spirulina extract:

  • Supplier/manufacturer should be reliable and trustworthy
  • Go for high purity
  • Make sure the extract is compliant with all the regulations in your country 
  • Get the extract whose color is 100% natural
  • Choose a supplier that utilizes the latest technology to preserve the quality of spirulina 

Binmei spirulina extract (E18) 

Binmei spirulina extract (E18) is the best option for use in the food industry. You see, Binmei is the leading supplier of spirulina extract with the highest purity on the market. This particular spirulina extract was 30% trehalose and 5% sodium citrate. The extract is ideal for food coloring purposes, but it can be used in other industries such as cosmetics or nutraceuticals. The E18 blue spirulina powder is fully compliant with all the regulations and standards in the US, EU, and Asian countries. Plus, the color is 100% natural and vegan.


Spirulina extract delivers a wide range of health benefits and is safe to use in food. The quality of the extract matters, so always choose the best on the market. Binmei is considered the most reliable source of spirulina extract due to its focus on advanced technologies that yield high-purity extracts and the most wonderful blue color of the powder.