Drinks are a very popular component of Indian cuisine. Most Best Healthy Beverages Drinks combine the best fresh ingredients with spices to create delectable, refreshing drinks. These Drinks Recipes In India for well-known Indian beverages can keep you hydrated. So let’s get started and explore some healthy drinks you can make at home.

Besan Milk

This Besan Milk Recipe is recommended as a great beverage when you have a cough or cold. It is suitable for reviving and providing energy, and it is so yummy and delicious that you can’t say no to this drink.


• In the pan, add 1 tsp of ghee.

• Add half a teaspoon of besan and cook in ghee till fragrant. Or until the color changes to a golden brown.

• When the besan turns brown, add 400 ml of milk.

• Milk thickens after 5 minutes of boiling.

• Elachi powder, 1/4 tsp, added.

• Add one teaspoon of sugar ( or as per taste )

• Serve warm, and enjoy! 

Aloe Water with Lime

Aloe Vera is a fantastic drink for easing an upset stomach, aiding food digestion, and strengthening your immune system. So let’s see how this drink is made.


1. Combine the aloe vera pulp and lemon juice in a mixing bowl.

2. Pour into a glass, then stir in the honey.

3. Add water and ice cubes to the top.

4. Combine, then serve cold.

Watermelon Lemonade with Basil seeds

This watermelon herb lemonade drink has a flavor of fresh garden mint and a luscious sweetness and is easy to make at home.


1.    For five minutes, soak the basil seeds in water. Watermelon, lemon juice, sugar syrup, salt, a few mint leaves, and black salt should all be combined in a jug and thoroughly mushed with a muddler. 

2.    Pour this mixture into serving glasses in portions and top with chilled watermelon juice and soda. Pour a teaspoon of the basil seed water into each glass after straining it.

3.    Mint leaves and watermelon are garnishes. 

4.    Serve right away.

Lemon ice tea

With lots of lime and antioxidants, this recipe for lemon iced tea is a great way to satisfy your thirst. We often get iced tea with peach or lemon flavors whenever we lunch out. This is a trendy and refreshing drink loved by many Indians.


1.    Put water into a saucepan, set it over a medium temperature, and wait for the water to boil.

2.    Mix thoroughly after adding sugar and black tea powder.

3.    Turn off the flame once the water has boiled. Add lemon juice and whisk well.

4.    In a glass jar, strain the lemon tea and allow it cool to room temperature.

5.    Pour the lemon ice tea into the glass when serving, then add ice cubes.

6.    Add a lemon slice or a sprig of mint as a garnish.

7.    Tea with lemon served cold.

Aam Panna 

Aam Panna, a traditional Indian drink, is the most cooling thing on these hot summer days. In North India, aam Panna is a preferred summertime beverage.


• Add water, jaggery, ginger, green chili, salt to taste, and raw mango to a Kadai.

• When the mango is thoroughly cooked, cover it with a lid and cook it at a medium temperature.

• Once totally cooled, remove the mango’s skin.

• Make sure the mango skin has separated before scraping the pulp.

• Put the mango pulp in a bowl, then put it in a grinder jar and pulse until it becomes a smooth paste. Set the paste aside for later use.

1.    For Masala

• Black peppercorns, fennel seeds, green cardamom pods, cumin seeds, and black salt should all be well-dry roasted in a skillet.

• After it has cooled, put it in a grinder jar and pulse it until a delicate powder forms. 

• Enjoy the tasty Aam Panna drink.

Strawberry smoothie

Sweet, creamy, and nutrient-rich, this recipe for a healthy strawberry smoothie is delicious! There is something for everyone to like, and there are many ways to customise this refreshing recipe. And in India, it is a favorite drink.


• Blend the strawberry, curd, milk, pistachios, and honey until smooth in a blender.

• Add trial mix, chia seeds, and smoothie to a glass.

• Serve the food garnished with mint leaves and a trail mix.

• Your tasty, healthy strawberry smoothie drink is ready. Enjoy!

Chocolate lassi

Curd, chocolate shavings, cocoa powder, and sugar are blended to create a flavorful, refreshing beverage called Chocolate Lassi. A quick and easy way to fight the summer heat is with a glass of chocolate lassi. This drink is everyone’s favorite among kids of all ages who want more of the satisfying, delectable chocolate lassi.


• Curd, milk, chocolate syrup, toasted almonds, and jaggery can all be combined in a blender to create a smoothie-like consistency.

• Into the glass, pour it. Serve after adding almond garnish.

The Summary 

We hope you like our list of Healthy Beverages Drinks Recipes that are everyone’s favorite and popular in India. You can easily make these drinks at home, and surely you will like them. Besides sipping up in the warmth of a delicious, nourishing beverage, what better way to accomplish that goal? If you love cooking, then for more curated Indian drinks like this, you can follow the Spicyum page for more recipes like this. Let this page be your starting point for your cooking adventures.