Getting a new puppy for your home is a big step, but it will surely fill the entire family with joy for years to come. Before getting started with new puppy checklist here are some essential items to consider before bringing your new puppy home.

Your New Puppy Shopping List

One of the first items on your new puppy checklist is to start by making sure you have an appropriate-sized crate. Dogs are den animals and will enjoy the security and comfort of a snug space they can call their own.

This crate should have three walls and a front gate your dog can see through. Make sure that the crate is the right size for your puppy because if it is too large, there is a good chance the puppy will have an accident inside the crate. The ideal size gives the puppy enough space to stand up, turn around, and then lie down. Also, make sure that the crate has a comfortable bed but not one that is so plush that it becomes a target for chewing.

Another essential item for when the puppies are outside their crate is to have a wire playpen that gives the puppy a good size area to roam around without being able to access the entire house. Something else that should go in his play area is plenty of dog chew toys. Making sure a puppy has something to chew on other than things like your furniture and your shoes will ensure that your new puppy has something to enjoy that is appropriate.

Because you will most assuredly want to take your puppy out for walks at some point, it is a good idea to introduce a puppy to a leash and a collar as soon as possible after bringing it home. Start this process by allowing the puppy to wear the collar and the leash around the house so the puppy can get used to the feeling.

The First Steps in Training Your Puppy

Once you begin taking your puppy out for walks, ensure you are not dragging your puppy on the leash. Allow any puppy to slowly acclimate to the sensation of walking on a leash and let the puppy move at their own pace.

As you continue house training your puppy, there could still be some items within the puppy’s reach that you prefer they avoid. Having a bitter apple spray can be a lifesaver for new puppy owners. This spray is one that humans generally can’t smell, but it is pretty unappealing to dogs, so it is a great way to keep them from biting and chewing on things you want to keep off-limits.

Since puppies will eat around three times a day and drink water throughout the day, you will need good pet bowls for both. It is always a good idea to use a stainless steel dog bowl for each since this type of bowl will collect fewer bacteria over time than plastic bowls.

Talk to your vet or dog breeder about what food to feed your puppy. Different breeds have different dietary requirements, so it is vital to ensure you’re giving them the proper nutrition.

Even when you are doing your best to train your puppy correctly, there will still be accidents around the house. When accidents happen, do you want to ensure that these accidents get cleaned up right when they occur? This step will not only keep your home from having smells you will not want, but it is also a vital part of training your dog.

A good enzyme cleaner is a must-have for new puppy owners. These types of cleaners do an excellent job of eliminating owners that will annoy humans, plus they will reduce smells the dogs will sense, meaning there’s less chance they will keep having accidents in the same unwanted spots in the house.

There are only a few simple items and steps new puppy owners need to take to ensure puppies and their new families start on the right foot in their new home. It is crucial to make sure you have a good checklist of items together and be ready to implement this checklist from the first day your new puppy enters your home.