Are you currently a large fan of curling tournament? Even though the 2020 edition get dropped because of the COVID-19 disease outbreak, the 2021 WMDC tournament is confirmed at times back.

Before 2020, the championship was available to all existing member organizations in 2019, 48 teams participated. The Planet Mixed Doubles Curling 2021 starts on May 17, and also the participation restricted to the peak twenty qualifying groups.

Throughout Worldwide, everyone loves watching curling tournaments. Listed here are detailed information from the championship you need to understand. So, let’s get began.

When will the Curling tournament locked in 2021?

The tournaments already begin from Monday, May 17 to Sunday, May 23. Everybody is experiencing the game and awaiting the end result.

Where’s the 2021 tournament occur?

The league held the next specific COVID-19 guidelines in Aberdeen, Scotland. Last year’s championship, which will get cancelled, was set to occur in Kelowna, Bc.

In 2021, the women’s and men’s Olympics locked in Calgary, Alberta.

About World Mixed Doubles Curling 2021 Streaming

TSN & RDS2 in The United States can have World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship games, including online broadcasts accessible With the TSN application.

Tournament spectators may also watch the worldwide Curling TV Funnel online and also the Global Curling Association’s Facebook page.

The next groups have dominated the tournament within the last 5 years:

•           Russia in 2016

•           Switzerland in 2017

•           Switzerland in 2018

•           Sweden in 2019

•           2020: N/A (Cancelled)

Pool lists for that 2021 Curling Tournament

The 5-day Round Robin Game happens with every team top three leading making progress of World Mixed Doubles Curling 2021. The very best two groups entitled to the semifinals directly. Both second and 3rd categories of each division come in league matches within the second or 3rd team. The champions compete as No. 1 positions inside the semifinals.

For that 2022 World titles Winter, the very best 7 groups will participate. China also offers a computerized qualification as those of the hosting country.

Russian Curling Federation

Russia was suspended from internationalization in 12 ,. of this past year following the Global Anti-Doping Organization for 4 years. This prohibition covers the Olympic games and Champions League and never qualified to make use of Russia’s emblem or title.

It’s the reason Russia isn’t qualified to experience for World Mixed Doubles Curling 2021. Nevertheless, competitors might not compete only within single flag. They aren’t prohibited.


It’s an worldwide curling competition that has the nation’s finest mixed doubles curling groups.

As a result of the pandemic, it’s the to begin 2 tournaments for groups to have fun playing the 2022 World titles as a part of the 2022 Olympic Winter Selection procedure.

Which team is the favorite? Please share your ideas around the comments section lower of World Mixed Doubles Curling 2021.