Recently, the requirements for the development of web and app projects have grown significantly. Web and app development company must take into account many nuances, follow the latest concepts of successful and sensational projects, and have their own teams of programmers and testers.

The main accents and nuances of development further.

Web development. Nowadays prospects

It can take a month for developers to develop an online store. It will take 3 to 6 months to develop an application for a company dealing with any kind of service. Such terms are not fantastic, it may take a lot of time to close the full cycle of development, testing, design and integration of the project. What to pay attention to in the first place?

  • Determine the development budget. The cheapest option is to hire freelancers who, for a few hundred dollars, can somehow roll out a workable online store project to you in just a few weeks. If you need applications to accompany services, then it may take a month. However, the budget should be fixed – this way it is easier to determine the main stages of development and calculate main goals;
  • Pay attention to working with template sites. In web development, for several years now, there have been trends in creating websites based on templates available on the Internet. Working with them requires experience, and many development companies provide services for developing online store sites or representative sites based on the most popular templates. WordPress, Magento – the choice is quite small still, but thanks to the optimized material delivery model, the company, having received its website, will be able to independently change themes and layout of the site, which is important. Professional development support may require additional capital injections, which sometimes results in unbearable sums;
  • Unique site. Development of a unique turnkey website is the work of a qualified team. All stages, from the analysis of technical specifications and the creation of a design template, and ending with the landing of the site on the server, must be coordinated with representatives of the client company. A laborious, costly, but also extremely rewarding task. The unique website of the company is both the first place in the search results, and the prospect of gaining a critical mass of users on time, and going from zero on the development budget quite quickly – just a few months after the launch of the online project.

What about app development?

The app market has experienced a phase of exuberant growth in recent years. According to Google Play statistics, the revenue of mobile app owners grew by an average of 30% in 2022, and in the future, revenue growth will be even higher.

Mobile applications are now needed by everyone. The specifics of integrating mobile development into business is as follows:

  • Corporate business. The mobile application will automate part of the manager’s work, almost doubling the efficiency of each employee. Your own application will allow you to create a convenient system for interacting with staff and customers, analyze the work of the company at the level of exact numbers, and quickly and timely receive feedback from customers;
  • E-commerce. Attracting new customers with a mobile application is not a problem. Thanks to the work of Google Play and Epp Store services, as well as related services from Samsung and others, applications can easily advertise themselves – as long as they are developed professionally and with attention to detail;
  • Startups. Bringing a new idea to the market as quickly as possible, recruiting a critical mass of users and fixing a startup afloat is a trifling matter if you have your own digital base in the form of a mobile application. After all, a banal checker can cost a minimal injection of the budget, while at the same time bringing a practical basis for implementing larger stages of integrating a new idea into the masses.

The main development goals

  • First of all, the development of the application will allow reaching a large audience – 88% of people use Android smartphones, another 10% use iOs. If it is necessary to recruit the maximum number of clients in literally months, there is no alternative to mobile development yet and is not expected;
  • A variety of mobile gadgets is gradually replacing the desktop from the market, which affects the need to develop following the mobile-first model;
  • The ability to implement any functions – from user feedback to full-scale online stores based on a fast and adaptive mobile interface;
  • Mobile development is slowly but surely capturing new market segments, and in a few years without a mobile application, the business will simply be doomed to failure.


Web vs app development – is the question. Good development company choice – is the answer. Qualitative development is the basis for successfully integrating your business into the world of unlimited potential in the number of clients around the world. Online representation of your store or support of a startup with your own platform will take you to a whole new level of work with an audience that is increasingly paying attention to online projects, sometimes leaving conventional stores and the service sector without profit.

Mobile apps are the new bread and butter for businesses. Thanks to convenient interfaces, an increase in the number of mobile Internet users and the possibility of implementing an increasing number of functions, mobile development shows a positive trend in the growth in the number of customers every year.