You may be craving an engagement ring or a wedding band, but have you considered striking out on your own?

Well, why don’t you purchase a ring to wear on your other hand?

Read on to learn all about the top facts about right-hand rings.

1. Right-Hand Rings Have Meaning Too

Just because a right-handed ring doesn’t signify a marriage, doesn’t mean it lacks meaning. For example, you can choose a ring with your birthstone, to add some gravitas to your new jewelry. Your right-handed ring can signal how happy you are to be single, or that you aren’t interested in pursuing a long, term, monogamous relationship.

You could even buy your ring to celebrate a specific occasion. A milestone birthday is one great reason to treat yourself. Or, if you get a new job or promotion, buy some bling so that everyone knows how successful you are.

You can create your own meaning for your ring, too. Think about what in your life the ring you have chosen symbolizes for you.

2. You Have Lots of Options When It Comes to Right-Hand Rings

There’s less tradition involved when it comes to purchasing right-hand rings, so the world’s your oyster. Get something large, blingy, and colorful, if you want to draw attention to your awesome manicure or you’re just looking to get more compliments.

You can buy a ring with your initials, or with a personalized message, so everyone who looks at your hand knows what you’re going for.

Of course, you can go with a traditional choice as well. There are lots of beautiful right-handed diamond rings out there for you to check out. Hey, you can even buy a traditional engagement ring and wear it on your left hand. All the other ladies will be jealous of your ability to choose your own ring!

Just make sure you consider all your options. Look into jewelry stores in your area, along with online offerings.

3. Right-Handed Rings Aren’t New

While some forms of symbolism are new to the twenty-first century, right-handed rings aren’t one of them, Right-handed rings actually date all the way back to the 1920s, as (predominantly white) women first began joining the mainstream workforce in larger numbers.

Finally, they could support themselves and earn disposable income all on their own, without the support of a man! The original left-handed rings were called cocktail rings, which nowadays usually refer to a statement ring.

Back then, the rings got their name from women who had time to grab a cocktail after work for the first time. So, left-handed rings are really a symbol of how far women have come since the early days of the modern era. 

Right-Hand Rings: Enjoy Yourself

So, don’t worry about purchasing yourself some right-hand rings. Just appreciate your awesome style choice!

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