A frying pan is a traditional element in any kitchen. Today, with all the variety of both gas and electromechanical equipment, with an ultra-modern frying surface made of different materials, the frying pan remains indispensable as before. Learn how to choose a professional frying pan for your restaurant in this article.

Choosing a Professional Frying Pan for Restaurants

Classification of Pans

Frying pans can be divided into the following types that also include professional woks and each type is used depending on the purpose:

  • universal: in such pans, you can cook any dish in different ways: you can fry, stew, reheat, etc.;
  • pancake makers: they have a thick bottom and shortened sides so that pancakes can be easily turned over;
  • grills: their ribbed bottom allows you to bring the dish to a crispy crust;
  • flambé: the dish is cooked over a fire directly in a frying pan;
  • professional woks: they are used for cooking Asian dishes with the stir-fry technique.

So, before we move on, you should consider the type of skillets you need.

Types of Pans by Material

The options are the following:

  1. Non-stick cookware:

The non-stick coating is PTFE-plastic, which manufacturers and sellers call Teflon. When heated above 200 °C, it emits volatile substances, in fact, the coating evaporates from the pan. Therefore, these pans are used for cooking at medium heat. It should be remembered that such a coating protects the pan from burning, but not the food on it. The food may burn and the pan will not be damaged.

  • Stainless steel cookware:

Stainless steel frying pans are time-tested, they can be found in almost any kitchen and have many advantages: they are resistant to oxidation, preserve vitamins, do not interact with any materials, and are safe for humans. It is convenient to steam, stew, and fry in stainless steel pans.

  • Cast iron cookware:

Cast iron pans are the undisputed leaders in this type of kitchen equipment. Over the years, the composition of cast iron has improved, frying pans have become truly the most durable and have excellent non-stick properties that only increase with years of use.

  • Blue steel cookware:

Steel containing a large amount of carbon is called blue. This composition has no non-stick properties. Cooking in such a frying pan requires a certain skill.

  • Ceramic coated cookware:

Ceramic coating for frying pans is produced by a method called “sol-gel technology”, the coating contains only sand, stones, water, clay, and as a result, a durable heat-resistant coating is obtained. In such pans, you can bring dishes to readiness, stew, and fry them.

When choosing a frying pan for a restaurant, you must, first of all, understand that you cannot buy one perfect frying pan that will be suitable for all dishes. Inevitably, you will have to buy several different pans. As for the material, it is best to have a frying pan from each, because each material is best suited for a particular dish. Every good chef has one’s own set of pans, to which he/she has adapted and the peculiarities of which he/she perfectly knows.