Choosing a wedding ring for men might be less daunting than picking an engagement ring, but you can still find it pretty dicey, if you’re a stylish man. That’s not due to the various materials, widths, shapes, and prices of men’s wedding bands, but because it’s that jewelry that can define your persona.

  • As you already know, wedding rings come in a variety of widths. Let’s make it simple. The slim one is 4mm. The medium one is 6mm and the wide ring is 8mm.
  • Before selecting your width, remember that most men pick bands that are a minimum of 4mm. Wider rings are more expensive.
  • It’s ultimately up to you to decide what suits your fingers and persona. If you want to buy these things online, there are trusted portals and marketplaces that make the process very easy.
  • You just need to browse through their catalogue. Use the extensive filter options at the top to find the best width for your finger.
  • There are sites that offer a 50–60-day window to change your guarantee. If you discover that you need a wider or slimmer band, you can always call for a replacement.

Into the types

Most men spend a considerable amount of time wondering and obsessing over their engagement rings. But despite all your time and efforts to find that perfect ring for yourself or your future fiancé, most guys seldom think about the wedding band they will be wearing.

That’s why, most men choose a simple yellow gold band. The Epic Wedding Bands are an embodiment of simplicity and elegance. There’s nothing wrong with these bands. But even if you choose a simple band, it needs to be comfortable, well-fitted, and it must complement your personality and style.

  • If you don’t have budgetary constraints, go for a 4mm Platinum. The traditional fit has a slight curvature. It’s size 7.5.
  • Overall, you have five options, classic, carved, diamond, alternative and silicone.
  • Traditional and timeless, the classic wedding bands are the most popular picks for men. They have a sleek, vintage essence.
  • The carved ones render a modern twist to classic appearance. These rings entail a beveled design with slender, etched edges in place of a smoother and cleaner curved shape.
  • Many men think they look more interesting and more masculine by wearing these bands.
  • If you want a flashier option, go for diamond bands. They don’t have any specific rules as such. It could have a single diamond, many diamond designs, or row of diamonds.

Your personal preference

According to CTN News, when it comes to blending your personal style with your wedding ring or bands, Epic Wedding Bands can provide a range of options. Don’t fall for materials or designs that seems to be cool at the initial blush. They may turn out to be gimmicky within a decade.

In addition to platinum, silver, and gold, you also have modern metals like titanium and tungsten, you also have more unique stuff like meteorite, wood, and even dinosaur/antler bone. Rings comprising silicone are growing in popularity. Check these materials before making your pick.