According to the B2B marketing community, 61% of marketers think that generating high-quality leads is the most challenging task. Are you one of them? Are generating leads that hard?

The answer is a big no. Marketing and sales may seem difficult, particularly when you put all of your work into them but still don’t see the intended results.

But, hear me out let me introduce you to all the hurdles on your way along with the strategies to overcome them.

The next 5 minutes are going to change all the lead generation game for you. And hopefully will end up making more money with more leads.

Websites are the face of your business. So, what changes can you make to your website to generate more leads?

1. Optimize your website:

You might have a most appealing website. But, is it generating the desired traffic? The end goal of any business is to generate leads and then convert them into customers. 

So, how do you get more customers? By directing them to your website. 

Always ensure that the content on your website provides clear information of the target audience’s, customer journey, a clear call to action, and contact forms.

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Make sure your page is fast and has appropriate title tags, alt text, keywords, and other elements. If your website’s page loads in over 2 seconds, you risk losing a sizable portion of your audience.

After finishing these, schedule a test. Therefore, A/B testing gives you a baseline for how well your website performs after making certain modifications. Heat mapping and content audit are some of the other options.

2. Contact forms on the website:

50% of marketers cited contact forms as the main source of leads.

However, most websites fail to include contact forms and so make sure that these forms are prominently displayed throughout the website and on each page. 

Hello, bars and pop-up ads are also quite persuasive.

Add both your phone number and email address to your website. As doing so legitimizes your website and boosts your credibility and trustworthiness.

Most website visitors—93%—are not prepared to make a purchase, but they might give you their contact information in exchange for some lead magnets.

3. How important are lead magnets?

Who doesn’t enjoy freebies? Unless you taste anything, how will you know if you like it or not?

So, give people a bit of a taste of your work so, they can understand the expertise and value the freebies add to their lives. 

Use Google Analytics to keep track of the pages that most visitors are landing on. The customer journey should be layered. 

E-books, PDFs, free tools, webinars, white papers, email marketing, newsletters, and product samples may all be used as lead magnets that can change the game of lead generation.

If your audience believes that your lead magnets are worthwhile, they will probably sign up as leads.

You can generate all the leads but it won’t matter unless you capture your leads and engage with them fast. A simple sales CRM can help you do this really fast, in an efficient and affordable manner.

4. Explainer videos and testimonials:

As we all know videos works better than written documents as they convey information fast.

The audience would love to know about you, your business back story, what are your services, and how’re they going to benefit from you?

It is always advised to have explainer videos for complex products and services. Testimonials and pictures of concerned people are more credible than you talking about yourself.

Testimonials generate more traffic, as they provide validation for your work.

5. Optimize your social media handles:

Have you ever heard about the rule of seven? So, the rule state that an average customer should come across your marketing message seven times then they would become your customer.

What are the greatest alternatives to social media for distributing your business notion to a large audience?

Consistently posting helpful content, having a professional profile photo, bio, and using applicable hashtags are crucial elements in attracting clients.

Until you establish your social media presence, you’re not in the market. So, make sure you optimize the social media profiles and link them to your website.

Make sure that your entire website is SEO-optimized besides these. Ensure that every page on your website is optimized for SEO and has a clear search intent.


So, these are the 5 important changes you should definitely work on to improve lead generation.