The global crypto mining industry is a huge one where new names are heard every now and then.  AsicWay is one such name that is recently making rounds in the market. Some people are claiming that mining rigs from AsicWay have the potential to revolutionize the way crypto mining is done. Interestingly, the company mentions that there is no need to have any prior experience or knowledge to use their mining rigs.

Companies making lofty claims about their products are nothing new in today’s highly competitive business landscape. I am sure many of you have heard scary stories of scams and frauds in this growing market and it can be extremely dangerous to trust these claims without verifying them. Anyone looking to find out the reality of AsicWay would love this article because I have had the experience of using their AW PRO miner. I am hopeful that this impartial review will answer all your questions about AsicWay and its products.

Company Overview: 

AsicWay is the brainchild of a team of technology experts and visionaries dedicated to opening up the benefits of crypto mining to all, including common people without any technological acumen or mining experience. In order to achieve this objective, the company has created three mining rigs that are effortlessly to use. These machines have exceptionally high hash rates and low power consumption.   

AsicWay currently offers three miners viz. AW1, AW2, and AW Pro. Basic information about these products is available in the company’s website. I decided to go with AsicWay AW PRO as I was looking to maximize my profit.

My Experience of Using AsicWay AW PRO

Once I decided to purchase AsicWay AW PRO, I immediately wanted to contact the company. To my surprise, the process was much easier than I had anticipated. The service staffs happily explained the entire process and patiently answered all my questions. This gave me a clear indication about the legitimacy of the company and I wasted no time in ordering my miner. There were more surprises in store for me. The company offered to cover the delivery and custom fees for me.

In spite of the Covid situation, I didn’t have to wait much to receive the rig as the delivery time was around a week. Now, it was time for me to open the pack and get on with the actual job. I really liked the fact that the miner was delivered preconfigured with Linux based system equipped with AsicWay software. This meant that staring the machine was a breeze and all I had to do is connect it to a power socket. Also, the user interface of the product is fairly uncomplicated. As a bonus, all AsicWay customers are provided free access to the company’s own mining pool. Though I didn’t use this pool, it is certainly a great benefit for the beginners.

Now, this review will remain incomplete without highlighting the hash power of my AW PRO miner. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to use many different miners, but none of them were even anywhere close to AW PRO in terms of hash rates. Just to give you a clear indication; I am currently mining Ethereum with the hash rate of a whopping 13 GH/s.  It can also mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Monero with similarly impressive hash rates. Interestingly, in spite of such hash rates, the product is extremely cost-efficient with a power consumption of just 2200 watts.

Since I have just started using the miner, I will not be able tell you guys about its profit making potential. However, according the calculator present in the company’s website, I should be able to receive 100% return on investment in around a month. I am not sure if this is possible using any other mining rig in the current market.


It may sound unrealistic, but I haven’t been able to find any major flaws in AW PRO after using it for about a week. I would, however, expect AsicWay to provide a discounted pricing for those purchasing multiple units of their products.


I would conclude by saying that AsicWay is not only a legitimate organization, but their products are simply amazing. If you are looking make a serious earning by mining cryptocurrencies, this is one option that must try.