Worldwide, many spooky stories and beliefs are available, and these stairs in the woods are also a kind of belief that many people have. And each one has a different story about these mysterious staircases in the forests. Most people don’t know any information about these stairs, and construction will not have any buildings around. Most people see only the stairs in the woods without any structures, and the stairs will not lead to any place. People who talk about these kinds of stairs advise people to stay away from these kinds of stairs. 

The main conversation about starts with a TikTok girl named Jessii Vee. She posted a video about abandoned forest stairs in the middle of the woods where there is no trace of any buildings. In her video, she talks about steel spiral stairs similar to the stairs available in the lighthouses. And she posted this video with some spooky details, which made the video more viral and spread the trend about mystery stairs. 

People thought about stairs in the wood

After the TikTok video, people had several theories for these stairs in the woods, and people started to spread their unique views among the people. Each people had their opinions about the stairs. For example, some people say that these stairs will lead people to other dimensions, and some strongly believe that these stairs will take people to hell. But none of them had a proper explanation or any thought of any other reasons than these spooky and scary theories. 

And some people had theoretical ideas that these stairs may be remainings of old buildings of people who lived in the woods for several years. And even some people think that these stairs can be the residues of some of the oldest castles of ancient kings who rules these places in ancient periods. And many people uploaded videos about their thoughts and warned people to stay away from staircases in the woods. So these are some of the available ideas with the people, and some had even more complicated theories. 

Why do people talk about these stairs

People love to talk about mysteries and spooky topics because they grow up with weird and scary stories and movies that build a natural interest in these kinds of issues from everyone’s childhood. Furthermore, due to the advancement of technology, people’s thoughts and ideas attract others to know about these kinds of stories. These are some of the reasons that make people talk more about the ancient stairs worn out in middle of nowhere, and people like to share these kinds of topics with others, which make them more famous and familiar. 

These are some of the reasons people talk about stairs, and some have other reasons to talk about these stairs. It’s because of the popularity available behind these topics. The first girl who posted this topic had several likes and had many followers. So, people talk about these topics in their accounts to be more popular. These reasons make these random stairs in the woods topic more sensational. 

Thoughts of people who have been to those stairs

Though many people advise others not to go near these mysterious stairs, some people have been to these stairs and have different thoughts about their experiences. For example, some people explain that they had an uncomfortable feeling at the top of the stairs. And some had a different feeling about the area, and other people had sudden giddiness at the top of the stairs. And the experiences of some other people are entirely different, and they said it was simple, and they don’t feel anything abnormal there. So this itself proves that it depends on the individual’s thoughts, and many people use these kinds of random staircases in the woods to create their unique theories to attract many peoples and gain more followers for their accounts. 

And some people commented below the original video of the TikTok girl about their experience with mysterious stairs in forests. Some people shared their scary feelings about this topic, which explains peoples’ thoughts. The complex theories and spooky ambiance of the stairs are the only things that scare people about these stairs in the woods, and most people dev=lever their ideas as similar to reality which threatens them the more. 

Things people need to know

Most of the forest areas in the world are places where people had their establishments, and due to various reasons, these buildings and stairs are abandoned by their users and let the green cover them. So, while seeing scary and lonely stairs in the woods, people don’t need to be scared about them, and even though these are some theories, people should not go near these stairs. Furthermore, those stairs have been there for several years and may be in bad condition to collapse with your weight, so it is wise to stay away from the mystery stairs. These are some of the points people need to know about these stairs. 


There are many kinds of scary stories available worldwide, and the level of these stairs in woods is also like other stories available. People like these kinds of scary stories due to their practice of hearing scary stories and spooky movies. There are several kinds of theories available for these stairs, and they also have various practical reasons for these stairs. So, people can choose their part to believe.