Bracelets have been known to man for many thousands of years. At first, it was used as a protective amulet. Not so long ago, it became a real piece of jewellery. At different times, jewellery has acted as a talisman, an identifier of social status or belonging to a certain social group, a signal prompting a certain action, etc. Today it is an exquisite piece of jewellery worn by men, women and even children. The beautiful designer bracelets can provide the perfect finishing touch for any of your looks.

Today’s jewellers offer a huge assortment of hand jewellery. These can be classic designs or extravagant new items in a modern style. The Fjewellery offers buy silver bangles and around the world. A convenient catalogue will help you make a choice. And the concierge will help you choose the right product at the best price.

There are several types of bracelets:

●        Closed (rim). You will not find a lock here. If you want to buy this model, take your wrist circumference into account. An important feature of this bracelet is that its diameter is not adjustable.

●        Spring-loaded (snake). Very popular models. They are a split rings with several coils. They fit elegantly on the wrist and suit most fashionistas.

●        Swivel.  They connect the cut ring with a hinge (movable joint) and a lock. There are locks with different types of joints.

The shop’s catalog features products in various materials:

●        Silver. An exquisite noble metal with special magic. Despite its affordable prices, the metal has won over millions of hearts. In the shop, you will find silver or sterling silver with gold or rhodium plating. Silver jewellery with different colours looks very impressive. This metal goes well with cubic zirconia, pearls, topaz, amethyst, etc.

●        9-carat or 18-carat gold. It can be classic yellow, as well as white or rose gold. The latter is very popular today. Various combinations of precious metals in different colours are also possible. The diamond inlay gives this jewellery a very elegant look. But even with cubic zirconia, they look very stylish.

The design of the products is very diverse – from classic hoops to the most complex weaves.

A jewellery bracelet can be the best gift for a woman, a man or a teenager. Fjewellery offers relatively inexpensive items to buy. Using the photo on the website, you can compare the models. So, you can choose the most suitable jewellery, as well as whole sets. If necessary, you can contact the concierge. He can help you choose a set of jewellery or place an order for a piece of jewellery.