Did you know that from 1912-1948 there were Olympic events awarded for painting, sculpting, music, architecture, and literature? People received medals based on their artistic skills.

Art brightens up people’s homes, apartments, or bedrooms and makes the space more personal. Keep reartading, and we will guide you through finding your inner creativity and eight tips for arranging wall art like a pro.

1. Find The Right Spot

When you’re hanging wall art in your house, you have many options of where you can turn it. You can hang it over a mantlepiece or fireplace, over furniture, create a gallery wall, or on the walls of your hallway.

You can create a gallery wall using your favorite posters, prints, paintings, or pictures and organize it around windows, door frames, or cabinets. You can find tips for arranging wall art on a gallery wall here.

2. Choose Your Formation

When it comes to how to arrange wall art, you will want to choose how you want the pictures to line up. For example, if you get symmetrical, grid-like formations, it will look fresh and formal.

Asymmetrical images create an edgy look. You can try placing pictures vertically and horizontally to see what fits best, and you can use a tape measure to make sure the distances match up.

3. Framing

There are many types of wall art, and when it comes to hanging them up and making them look nice, you’ll want to select the proper frames. You can get metal and wood and choose from multiple colors.

4. Hanging Supplies

Depending on the size and weight, you can use a picture hanger that you can nail into the wall. This will leave minimal holes in the wall too. If you’re living in an apartment that you don’t own, it makes for an easy take-down and clean-up.

You can also use bolts, adhesive strips, and anchors. Your options are endless, depending on the art and type of wall.

5. Test Run

Before hanging any art up, you can use paper and size out where you want to put it. If you tape up a paper of the same size and realize you don’t like how it looks or doesn’t fit right, you can adjust it.

6. Always Hang Art At Eye Level

It would help if you always hung your art at eye level. Eye-level is about 57-60 inches off the ground.

If you have a room with lower ceilings or a space where people are mostly sitting, you can hang it lower.

7. Check Out Different Types Of Wall Art

There are so many different types of wall art; there are metal structures, paintings, pictures, posters, and so much more. You can check out metal wall art on standard wall art.

8. Embrace Your Creativity

Art is a way to personalize your space and make your area feel like you. Let your creativity flow and pick what arts speaks to you.

If you’re a music lover, then choose a beautiful guitar wall art to reflect your passion.

If you love cooking and want to decorate your kitchen, go for something inspired by food. Make sure the wall art reflects your creativity, lifestyle and interests.

Start Arranging Wall Art

Now that you know the eight tips for arranging wall art, you’re ready to brighten and personalize your space.

Choose your location, formation, frames, and hanging supplies. Make a plan and do a test run, always hang art at eye level, check out your options, and embrace your creative side.

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