So, you have been assigned maid of honor and the days are counting down to the wedding, but a bridal shower is far from ready? There is no need to worry, it is never too late to get planning. With these tips, you will be on your way to organizing the perfect celebration for your loved one. Afterwards, the finer details can be refined to complete the day. 

Consider The Bride

It is important to consider the bride throughout bridal shower planning. This does not mean revealing every surprise but getting an idea of what is not okay for the day. The purpose of the bridal shower is to celebrate the couple to be wed, so the worst-case scenario would be making the bride uncomfortable. The key areas to receive confirmation on include:

  • Whether the bride is keen on traveling or staying local
  • Activities that are unacceptable
  • Activities that are necessary
  • The most convenient scheduling
  • Invite list so that important people attend

Book A Venue

After establishing the main wishes of the bride, it is time to book a venue. For bridal showers abroad or across the country, flights and accommodation will have to be booked first. Otherwise, a quick Google search or visit should help to identify the perfect venue. When narrowing down options, make sure to consider capacity, services and amenities, and the general atmosphere. It is important to book a place that offers a level of privacy for the bridal party to have fun without interrupting other customers expecting a quiet experience. 

Hire A Bartender 

This might not be needed if the chosen venue contains a bar, but otherwise it can be beneficial to hire a bartender. Mobile bartenders are trained to be entertaining and attentive, all whilst serving spectacular beverages. A bonus is that the bartenders available at Event Bartenders have the skills to keep the party alive but are also knowledgeable on how to recognize peoples limits with alcohol. This means that no one needs to be the ‘mom friend’ and everyone can have fun knowing that they are being kept safe.

Make A Group Chat

The best way to communicate nowadays is using messaging apps. Having a group chat can help everyone to stay connected and updated. This also helps with planning to suit everyone’s schedule. It is best if the bridal party travel together and this can easily be organized using a group chat. This is also the best way to get an idea of the amount of those invited that will attend based on availability and budget, to either fill their space in advance or adjust plans.

When planning a bridal shower, it is important for the maid of honor to consider discussing with the bride to establish boundaries and limits, book a venue that meets the criteria, hire a bartender to elevate the entertainment, and make a group chat for further planning. This is an effective starting point that can be followed by completing the day with themes and activities, etc. Keep in mind the criteria for the day, and have fun planning!