On this page, you will learn how to create a room with a modern look.

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Let’s get started

  1. Fresh Paint- The color of your walls can make the most significant difference in whether or not you pull together a modernized look. Light colors such as white, eggshell, or pearl river are some great options.
  1. Update hardware- Replace handles, knobs, locks, and other hardware with simple pieces that are bar-shaped or round. Black and chrome are perfect colors for modern hardware.
  1. Update lighting- Outdated Light fixtures should be replaced with LED Linear strips that are simple but bold. For example, black, white, chrome, or clear light fixtures with a simple and geometric shape are best for your lighting.
  1. Clean geometry- Use clean geometry for all patterns, walls, trims, windows, etc. Keep the shape of items in the room simple with triangles, squares, rectangles, singular circles, and diamonds. Some great patterns are dutchman’s puzzle, octagon, chevron, windowpane, stripe, and honeycomb. Avoid floral, paisley, argyle, suzani, scroll, and jacobean patterns.
  1. Minimalism- Less is more when designing a modernized home. You can create a minimalistic look by removing clutter, limiting the amount of decor on the walls, and finding places to store items in the room, such as remotes, magazines, and toys.
  1. Flooring- Having the right flooring is essential to a modern room. You do not want flooring that has busy or outdated patterns. Instead, flooring should be modest such as hardwood floors that are light in color, herringbone patterns, or patternless tiling/vinyl. 
  1. Rugs- On modest flooring, having the perfect rug under your furniture can help tie a room together. Look for rugs that have muted colors but still have character. Antique rugs work great since they add sophistication and a bit of color. Lawrence of La Brea has many prime examples of antique rugs for a modern room.
  1. Throw pillows- Throw pillows are essential for a modern room because they help marry decor together. Add multiple pillows to your seating and have a few match focal point art pieces, have a few plain in color, and have a few with geometric patterns.
  1. Open shelving- Open shelving would be units that do not have walls or doors like cabinets and hutches would have. Some great examples would be floating shelves or shelving that is circular, honeycomb-shaped, or cubed. You can find out so much variety and can easily order shelves online. Of course, these open-shelf suggestions exclude furniture pieces like TV stands.
  1. Geometrical items- As you can tell, geometrical shapes play a large part in modern home design. Straight lines and symmetrical shapes provide a room with a sleek and clean look. Incorporate shapes wherever you can like in art, fabrics, and furniture. 
  1. Houseplants- House plants brighten any room and bring a sense of peace and relaxation. The interior of your home can be transformed with the use of houseplants like the Zanzibar plant, English Ivy, Peace Lily, rubber plants, palm floor plants, and Golden Pothos, which can also be used to clean the air.
  1. Simple art- The art around a modern room should be simple yet bold. Incorporate pieces in your room that are abstract, geometric, and vibrant. All modern has many prime examples of what to look for in your wall art.
  1. Mirrors- Mirrors are perfect for a modernized room because they are geometric, have a chrome look, and are effortless. Avoid mirrors with intricate frames with engravings of leaves or flowers, and look for sleek and plain frames instead. Some great shapes to consider would be circular, square, rectangular, hexagonal, arched, paneled, or quatrefoil. To amplify the look, use multiple smaller mirrors in a collage.
  1. Bare tables and surfaces- The surfaces in a modern room should be mostly bare. Use only a handful of decor pieces on tables, TV stands, desks, etc. You do not want the room to look cluttered so stick to items like plants, vases, decorative bowls, figurines, and candles.
  1. Color schemes- Choosing the right color scheme is essential to creating a modern room. The most common and effective color schemes for developing the desired look would be:
  • Soft earth tones like light green, powder blue, and eggshell
  • Black and white
  • Natural wood with white
  • Gray and white
  • Black and white with colors opposite the color wheel
  • Black and white with colors next to each other on the color wheel
  • Chrome with black and white

As you can see, a modern room usually consists of color schemes that include black and white with a contrasting accent color.


To sum things up, a room with a modern design will be simple, free of clutter, have geometric shapes incorporated into the decor, and have color schemes that bring attention to just a few colors.