If you’re the type of person to sling on a backpack and chart a course to somewhere exotic, you know that travel means leaving behind some luxuries. Clean water shouldn’t be one of them! Unfortunately, not everywhere your journeys take you will have clean water available. It’s up to travelers to outfit themselves with water bottles with filter for travel, to ensure every sip of water they take comes from a clean, safe, reliable source.

There are all kinds of water bottles with filter for travel out there—but not all of them are created equal. But how do you choose the best option? It starts by looking at a few key features: filtration capabilities, price point, construction, and more. Moreover customwater.com has the best custom bottled water you can find online, so pay a visit if you want the best options in this regard.

What is the best filtered water bottle?

As you start to compare travel water bottles, it’s best to stack up the key features that are most important to you. Looking for maximum filtration? Good filtration at a great price? A compact bottle that’s easy to pack and travel with? Decide what’s most important to you as you begin to explore your options.

Here’s a list of nine top-rated travel water bottles with filters, to help you narrow down the search for the best option. Compare and contrast them to find the best one for your travels.

  1. Aquaspace® Survivor™ Travel Water Bottle with Filter.Don’t let the size or the price of this bottle scare you—it’s the ultimate filtering companion for fresh water on your travels. It features a 20.2oz capacity that makes refills few and far between, as well as a 45-gallon filter capacity (288 refills) that lasts trip after trip. And, of course, its filtering technology is second to none thanks to the patented Aquaspace® Compound, which filters out tastes and odors, lead, chlorine, VOCs, pharmaceuticals, industrial solvents, pesticides, herbicides, and any other harmful materials, while leaving crucial minerals.
  2. GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier Bottle. The filtering mechanism of this water bottle is something of a novelty: just press down to force water through the filter for instant purification! This filter isn’t just fast, it’s highly capable of removing all types of water-borne pathogens, bacteria, cysts, and other contaminants. At 16oz, it’s lightweight and compact, and the filter lasts roughly 300 uses. It’s a time-tested favorite of hikers and naturalists.
  3. LifeStraw Go Advanced Water Filter Bottle. LifeStraw is a popular brand among hikers and outdoor travelers, capable of filtering bacteria, protozoan cysts, and other waterborne pathogens—even microplastics. This bottle makes it easy to take those filtering benefits on the go, 22oz at a time. Its two-stage filtering relies on a microfilter and an activated carbon filter, effective for 1000 gallons and 26 gallons, respectively. It’s a pricier travel water bottle, but near the top in terms of filtering effectiveness.
  4. Lifesaver Water Bottle 4000 Ultra Filtration. If price is no object and you’re willing to pay for performance, this bottle tops the list while tapping out your wallet. That said, you get what you’re willing to pay for in a hard plastic BPA-free bottle with a 25oz capacity and a filter lifespan of 4000-6000 liters (depending on the model). A filter indicator will even let you know that the water you’re drinking is safe! Speaking of, it’ll filter out just about everything with a quick pump of the bottle. It’s a bottle for the most rugged travelers out there.
  5. WaterWell Travel Water Bottle. If affordability is the most important factor in choosing a filtered water bottle, it’s difficult to beat this option from WaterWell. It’s the most affordable on this list but manages to keep pace on the filtration side of things. Its downfall? It doesn’t filter out waterborne viruses like many of the other options on this list. The built-in straw also needs regular cleaning, making upkeep a little higher than some of the other bottles. It does, however, sport a filter life of 1000 liters and hard BPA-free plastic construction that makes it a great all-purpose travel option.
  6. Epic Nalgene OG Ultimate Travel Bottle. Looking for a big-time bottle that’ll give you clean, safe water on-demand at all times? It’s difficult to beat the 32oz capacity of this travel bottle. Moreover, its filtering capabilities rank among the best on this list, making it safe for travel in areas with polluted drinking water, as well as water out in the wilderness. The downfall of this bottle is its filter lifespan, which is just 380 liters. It’s a great option for travelers who may find themselves without access to water for stretches of time, who prefer a little extra capacity from their filtered water bottle. 
  7. Seychelle Advanced Filter Water Bottle.Looking for a no-frills, highly effective filtered water bottle? This option from Seychelle strips out all the bells and whistles to provide travelers with 28oz of clean, safe water. It’s equipped to filter out viruses and bacteria, as well as pesticides, chemicals, and even radioactive contaminants! With a solid price point, it’s an ideal middle-ground for travelers looking for value. The only downfall? Filter life is only about 380 liters and the bottle itself is a bit bulky, which can make it difficult to conveniently pack on your trip.
  8. ÖKO H2O Level-2 Advanced Filtration Water Bottle. Don’t let this slim bottle fool you—it’s ready to filter out just about anything you might not want in your water! Its filtration capabilities extend to viruses, bacteria, pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, chlorine, and much more. Its sizeable 33oz construction and slim profile make it one of the most portable bottles on this list. It also features two types of filters—level I and level II—suitable for different levels of water contamination. Easy-squeeze construction and ergonomic design help compensate for the resistance you’ll feel when sucking on the straw to kickstart the filtration process. 
  9. Sawyer Products Filter Water Bottle. While it features an unassuming blue plastic construction, this bottle is actually one of the most respected by travelers. It uses double filtration to remove viruses, bacteria, cysts, microplastics, pesticides, and more. More importantly, the filter itself lasts for 100,000 gallons! That’s a lot of travel mileage before replacement, and it’s even more impressive when you consider its gigantic 34oz size. It’s not as effective as some of the top-rated travel bottles with filters, but it gets the job done if you’re planning an urban expedition in a faraway land.

Remember, this list is far from complete—it’s just an aggregate of the most popular, top-rated travel water bottles with filters. Use the above options as a benchmark when evaluating other filtered travel water bottles.