Before we begin exploring the lovely photoshoot locations for elopement weddings, let’s talk a little about what they really are and why people do it. The name is pretty descriptive where a couple literally elopes to get married. Some do it so they can just enjoy the moment by themselves and prioritise themselves over everyone else for the day. Some do it to relive a memory or a special moment between the two of them in a certain part of the city. Some do it just for fun and some do it because of family issues. But in either of these cases, the day finally belongs to the couple who vow to spend the rest of their lives with one another and fill it with love, happiness and companionship. 

Now that we’ve got that part explained, let’s move on to the beautiful locations. If you’re planning to elope local, then here are a few places where you should consider getting your photoshoot done.

The Italian Gardens

The enchanted Italian Gardens are the perfect location for a beautiful fall wedding. The flowers and the old mansion, the garden and bush mazes take you to a fantasy land and that shows in your photos too. The reason this location tops our list is because of the inherent romance that lies in the atmosphere in the Italian Gardens. No photoshoot can go wrong here.

Hyde Park

If you’re looking for an open photoshoot location, then Hyde Park should top your list of options. Hyde Park is a place full of old trees, fountains and empty sidewalks that give you a wide variety of choices for a photoshoot. The most common ones are done under a rather branched out tree or in front of the fountain or just walking around hand in hand through the park. Many proposal photoshoots take place in this venue where engagement rings in hatton garden are often the star of the show.

The Asylum

The Asylum Chapel venue is licensed to hold wedding and other civil ceremonies. Since it welcomes same sex partners, it is popular for elopement wedding photoshoots. It is a fairly large venue with a rustic look from the Victorian era. The seating is spacious and comfortable for a smaller crowd of around 120 to 140 guests.  It is perfect to conduct an old fashioned photoshoot or even a themed one.

Kew Gardens

Just as the Italian Gardens offer a very enchanted and traditional feel, the Kew Gardens have a contemporary touch to them spicing up your photoshoot with the hint of modernity that it needs. The place is beautifully maintained and the dome structure in the background can sure make your pictures look like they were taken at a far-away location. A perfect mix of indoor and outdoor photoshoot options, the Kew Gardens is one of the classiest choices for an elopement scenario.

The Gherkin

The Gherkin is sheer class and elegance. The glass structure, the contemporary monument, the rich feel and luxury vibes will make you feel like you’re having the wedding you always dreamt of. Those who find it tough to decide between indoors and outdoors locations for wedding photoshoots will definitely settle for this dreamy location that makes you feel no less than a millionaire. 

Elopement weddings are a fun way to begin your happily ever after and the perfect photoshoot location will keep the memory alive for years to come. To get the perfect jewellery for your big day, there is no better place than jewellery in hatton garden.