Unless you’ve not been around in the last decade, chances are you’ve heard of CBD. It’s been a topic of contention for the longest time. CBD is just one out of more than 100 cannabinoids found in the Cannabis Sativa plant.

Unlike its cousin THC, CBD won’t get you high. Instead, it may help relieve sleep, chronic pain or be a remedy for your insomnia. CBD is extracted from hemp, which has low levels of THC, called terpenes. All CBD products either come as full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, or CBD isolates. CBD products are considered legal in the United States if it contains 0.03% of THC or less.

However, some studies suggest that a combination of terpenes, CBD, and THC is more effective than THC or CBD alone. This is called the “entourage effect.”

With CBD being so popular, gifting your loved ones CBD-based products this festive season will be a great idea. Think about it — it’s the perfect self-care gift, especially for working adults who constantly have to contend with sleeplessness, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

So, if you’re in search of the best CBD gifts for your family and friends, below is a compilation of some great out there.

1.    Cannadips CBD Starter Kit

The Cannadips Starter Kit is the perfect hemp CBD gift for your people this Christmas. These CBD in-mouth pouches consist of three classic flavors:

  • Tangy Citrus
  • Natural Mint
  • American Spice

It’s made for 100% all-natural ingredients that are non-GMO and vegan-friendly, meaning your vegan friends will love it. This product is also lab-tested to ensure it’s THC-free, and all pouches have 10mg of water-soluble CBD.

Each Cannadips kit can have 15 pouches, meaning you get a total of 150mg CBD in every can. The pouches are specially developed to deliver the effect of CBD discreetly quickly. With every kit, you’ll also get a free keychain and Mobile Popsocket.

2.    Big Spoon – Vanilla Cream CBD Oil for sleep

If you or any of your loved ones have trouble sleeping, you could try the Big Spoon vanilla cream flavored oil from Sunday Scaries. This Sunday Scaries new CBD sleep oil is infused with Lemon Balm, 5-HTP, Valerian Root, and other top-tier Sunday Scaries CBD and CBN oil that will have you sleeping like a baby.

Big Spoon is made from broad-spectrum CBD with practically zero THC. Additionally, it has vitamin B12 and D3 to boost your immune system and improve sleep quality.

3.    Joy Organics Organic Tropical Sunrise CBD Oil

This full-spectrum CBD oil is organic and has a unique blend of natural pineapple and coconut flavors. Many users claim that this CBD oil helps them relax and have a night of restful sleep.

Additionally, the company Joy Organics is very transparent with the entire process of making this CBD oil, and they’ve listed it on their website— from growing to processing the hemp.

They only use hemp grown in the United States and certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This means the quality of CBD products they offer is second to none in the market and will serve as the perfect gift for Christmas for you or your loved ones.

4.    Canndid Vegan CBD Gummies

CBD comes in various forms, and some people prefer gummies over tinctures under the tongue. If you or your loved ones are among this group, then you’ll fancy Canndid Vegan CBD gummies.

Made specifically for sweet-toothed CBD fans, the Canndid Vegan gummies are a fun and exciting way to take CBD.

It’s made with naturally grown CBD, natural sweeteners, and flavorings, and it’s 100% suitable for vegans. The Canndid Vegan CBD gummies come in packs of ten in a childproof container, and after taking them, the effects will kick in after five to ten minutes and can last up to four hours, depending on the person.

5.    Martha Stewart 15 Flavor Sampler CBD Wellness Gummies

The Martha Stewart CBD Wellness Gummies consists of 15 flavors inspired by the many ingredients Martha loves to use while baking. These include quince, rhubarb, and passion fruit, to mention a few.

The package consists of 15 uniquely delicious flavors crafted by the legendary Martha Stewart herself, partnering with pioneers in clinical CBD science; Canopy Growth.

The hemp from which the CBD is extracted is 100% grown in the United States and is free from sulfates, glycols, parabens, artificial colors, fragrances, and glute. Each Martha Stewart CBD Wellness Gummy has precisely the same CBD dose, 10 mg, for consistency and easy dosage.

The CBD use is 99% pure CBD isolate that doesn’t have any psychoactive effects and has been tested rigorously for pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxins. There’s a total of 60 gummies in each container, meaning you get a total of 600mg of CBD. That’s quite a steal if you think about it.

6.    POKO Luxury Facial Oil

The POKO luxury facial oil will be a great skincare product for you or your loved ones this Christmas. It’s enriched with omega fatty acids that will have your skin looking plump and feeling soft.

Apart from CBD, it also has several plant extracts that help create a barrier of moisture against the harsh conditions of winter.

It also has vitamins A, D, and E to help prevent breakouts, free radicals and to revive aging skin. If you’ve got any friends or family who love natural beauty products, this is the gift for them. It will leave their skin glowing and looking young, or you could get it for yourself.

Get the Best Quality CBD Products This Christmas

And there you have it, six of the best CBD products for Christmas. Although CBD products are available everywhere these days, you have to remember that not all these products are created equal. The FDA is yet to approve any over-the-counter CBD products, so you have to be careful about where you’re purchasing them from.

Only shop from reputable brands that are transparent about their processes and not online marketplaces. Not to say that all marketplaces are bad, but be on the lookout for things you’d consider a red flag.

Additionally, check if the CBD brands you’re buying from have any pending lawsuits or have gotten a warning letter from the FDA. This will help you know if the brand has a solid reputation or not. Next, check if the ingredients are natural, have an allergen, or include other beneficial ingredients. Finally, it’s essential to see if the products you get have undergone third-party lab testing. Safe CBD products have comprehensive COAs which are up-to-date and not just from any labs.