Managing employees and logistics the manual way can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Not to mention the potential for errors and inaccuracies. A well-managed workforce with accurate scheduling, timekeeping, wages, and payroll is crucial to the long-term success of any business. Simple mistakes in logistics can be devastating to many companies that are just starting. Even for well-off businesses, poor management can be damaging to the bottom line.

A time card app has functions and features that help solve many of these administrative issues and keep the employees and the business on track and profitable. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the different ways that a time card app can fix common administrative problems.

Solve Lagging Attendance

Not having enough employees on hand due to attendance issues can be devastating to your business. Not only does being short-staffed hurt productivity, especially during times of high traffic or busy periods, but it can impact the morale and performance of other employees if nothing is done about it.

A time card app allows management to see who is present at any given moment and makes it easy to call in help if an employee doesn’t show.  If there are persistent issues with a particular employee, then management can address the issue and either find an adequate solution or reprimand the employee if necessary.

This will help employees feel more validated and valued if they see management handling attendance issues and taking the steps needed to handle the situation appropriately rather than letting employees get away with poor attendance without facing any punishment.

Being fluid in a situation where staffing is an issue through a time and attendance app will help improve overall productivity and performance when it matters most and help capitalize on available opportunities.

Improve Cost Tracking

Whether you work on standard labor costing with hourly employees or you bill by the project for labor costs, such as with a contracting business, you need an effective way to calculate these costs so that you can pay your employees appropriately.

A time keeper app can take care of this automatically by tracking hours and pay rates and sending that data to your payroll department or aggregating the data so that you know what you’re spending per project on labor.

An added benefit for per-project cost tracking is that you can use all of the historical data gathered by the timesheet management to improve your bidding in the future. By knowing what you typically spend on labor for a particular type of job, you can avoid overages and better account for what the job will cost you upfront to complete it. This means a healthier bottom line and a more successful business.

Improve Accountability and Make Accounting More Accurate

One of the most challenging hurdles to get over is ensuring that employees are paid for the hours they work and that their hours are actually productive. Manual team time tracking can lead to time theft, wasted hours, and accounting errors, all of which lead to an unproductive business that ends up losing money.

A time card app can fix this by making each employee clock in unique, meaning no time theft, and tracking their productivity so that they have the autonomy to do their work, but they also know they must get the job done to be paid. This is done thanks to real-time productivity trackers that show employees and managers what is being done at any given moment.

Since all of the information is calculated automatically and without messy human errors, so long as employees are doing their job correctly, they will be paid correctly for their work. This makes for happier employees, a tidier accounting process and better productivity, and more profit.