Hawaii is often thought of as a couples’ getaway. Many people take honeymoons to Hawaii, and it certainly can be a romantic vacation destination. However, don’t think that you can’t go to Hawaii, or return there, now that you have kids. There are many Hawaii tours and activities that make it the perfect family vacation spot as well.

Learn About Polynesian Culture

Polynesian culture is thousands of years old, and with a Hawaii cruise, you and your family can learn about it by experiencing it firsthand. Fun and interesting aspects of Polynesian culture include poi and other exotic foods, hula dancing, traditional games, and a traditional luau on the beach. While some of these activities are for spectating only, in many instances you are encouraged to participate.

Visit a Royal Palace

Before Hawaii became part of the United States, it was a sovereign kingdom. Hawaii is the only state of which this is true. The last monarch of Hawaii was Queen Liliuokalani, who succeeded her brother, King Kalakaua. They lived in the Iolani Palace in Honolulu from 1882 to 1893. Today it is a historic landmark open to tourists and home to precious jewelry and other ancient regalia of Hawaiian royalty.

See Ocean Life Up Close

If your children love animals, they’ll enjoy the touch pools and other interactive experiences at Sea Life Park. The emphasis of the park is on conservation and education, and trainer talks focus on how to protect these creatures as well as explaining how they live. Sharks, rays, sea lions, and dolphins are just a few examples of the animals you and your family can see at Sea Life Park.

Visit the Beach

Of course, Hawaii is known for its sandy beaches and the aquatic activities you can enjoy on the shore. Waikiki Beach is iconic, but Mauna Kea and Hapuna beaches offer protected waters for swimming and snorkeling as well as soft sand to play in during a relaxing afternoon.

Go Mountain Tubing

The canals, flumes, and tunnels at Kauai Backcountry Mountain Tubing were dug by hand in the 1870s for irrigation of a defunct sugar plantation. Today, they are an adventure park where anyone age 5 or older can float down on an inflatable inner tube with a headlamp for illumination. The swimming pool at the end is naturally occurring, and the end of the journey is a great spot for a picnic lunch.

Take a Hike

Hawaii offers hiking trails for people of all skill and experience levels. For example, the Makapuu Point Lighthouse trail on Oahu is two miles long, paved, and overlooks the lighthouse. These features, plus the possibility of spotting whales off the shore while you hike, make it a popular hike for families.

Take a Whale Watching Tour

Another way to see whales is to take a boat tour out where they are most likely to be. Hawaii is a stop on the humpback whales’ annual migration because of the variety of warm ocean depths and the lack of predators. There are boat tours that will take you out on the water while the migration is taking place, which is during the months from November to May.

Make History Come Alive

Whether your children have studied about World War II and the attack on Pearl Harbor in school yet, they will study it eventually. Seeing the site where the attack happened can make it much more concrete and relevant to them. Whether it’s seeing the sunken hull of the USS Arizona between the surface of the water or hearing the stories of survivors, Pearl Harbor offers many opportunities to learn about this significant event from a new perspective.

Hawaii consists of a chain of islands. There are different attractions on each, but all offer opportunities for families to have fun together and form lasting memories. Hawaii appeals to all activity levels, ages, and interests, making it an ideal location for multigenerational travel.