Cleaning the carpet is no small job. With a heavily soiled carpet, you have your work cut out for you. What can make your job remotely easier are carpet cleaning machines or carpet cleaners. These are machines that you can use to clean your customer’s rug using various cleaning methods. Most of these cleaners come with tanks for water and shampoo that you can access easily during the cleaning process. 

With the right help of minimum upholstery cleaning products, your cleaning becomes easier to handle. In this article, we will cover five things you need to understand about carpet cleaning and cleaners to get the right machine for your business. 

Why choosing the right carpet cleaner is important

When you are offering carpet cleaning services, you have to shoulder the immense responsibility of ensuring a high-quality service without any damage. You can only do this with the best tools like a high-standard cleaning machine and the right cleaning solutions. This is why carefully choosing the carpet cleaner is essential.

Five things to understand about carpet cleaners

Now that you have understood the importance of picking the right carpet cleaner, it is time to understand these five facts about carpet cleaning and cleaners to help you choose the right machine.

1. Carpet cleaners are heavy normally and heavier when the tank is filled

Machines, regardless of the type, tend to be on the heavier side, especially when the size is big. Carpet cleaners are no exception. When buying a cleaner, always estimate the weight of the appliances once the tank is full because there will be an obvious difference. This practice will help you choose a machine you can easily manoeuvre.

2. You don’t always need a complimentary cleaning solution

Most carpet cleaner brands urge you to buy their cleaning solutions for an effective clean. However, that is not always the case. In most cases, you will be fine by using standard products for a purpose in the market and still give your clients an immaculately clean carpet without any extra expenses or hurdles.

3. Always looks at the settings, length, and accessories

Each model and brand of cleaner differs from one another. For instance, some cleaners may have separate tanks for water and the cleaning solution, while others have only one. Therefore, always make it a point to look at the settings and length of the machine along with the accessories that come with it. 

4. Cleaners can be loud

Carpet cleaners can be loud. Make sure to check the dBA of the sound your chosen machine makes. This will help you decide if you need to wear headphones to protect your ears or not. Ideally, you should wear ear protectors that guarantee protection for sounds above 85 dBA for anything that makes sound above 70 dBA.

5. Carpet cleaning is time-consuming

Finally, you need to understand that carpet cleaning is a time-consuming process. This means you will need ample time to clean up the area first and then fill up the tank (s) before you can start. Therefore, when choosing a machine, choose one according to your time preferences, meaning choose a machine that saves time if you have multiple places to clean in a day.


When you are responsible for cleaning someone’s carpet cleaner, you need all the right tools with you. A carpet cleaning machine is one such tool that can help you satisfy your clients with impeccable cleaning. However, you need to choose the right kind that will work with your way of working. Therefore, understanding the specs of the machine and how loud it can be is important when picking a cleaner.