Since its premiere in January 2018, “The Chi,” a captivating and authentic portrayal of life on Chicago’s South Side has attracted a large fan base. Viewers are eagerly anticipating the possibility of a seventh season. This article explores the current status of ‘The Chi’ season 7, including potential plotlines, release dates and the changing landscape of characters and interconnected stories.

The Journey So Far and the Release Date of Season 7

The Chi has captured audiences’ attention with its real and raw portrayal of Chicagoans, their struggles and triumphs, as well as the complex webs of relationships that binds them. The Chi’s portrayal of urban life, without the fantastical elements, resonated with viewers. Six successful seasons followed. However, no official announcement has been made regarding season 7.

Season 6’s first half has left many storylines unfinished, which suggests that there is enough material to make a seventh season. The production team will likely take more than one year to create and present the seventh season if it is renewed. This follows the pattern from previous seasons. According to predictions, “The Chi” Season 7 will be released between 2025 and 2026. This is in line with previous seasons.

Platforms & Availability

Showtime Networks is a major producer and has been the main platform for “The Chi”‘s airing. Paramount+ was also a primary platform. If season 7 is released, it will be available to watch on both platforms. Disney+ subscribers can now access “The Chi”, a new distribution expansion. Showtime is also available as an add-on service on platforms such as YouTube TV, Fubo TV and Hulu Live TV.

Season Six Developments and Character Arcs

The sixth season, which was divided into two parts and consisted of 16 episodes, began in August 2023. The central characters’ lives underwent significant changes during this season, which left several plot lines open for exploration by a possible seventh season. Jake, Kevin and Keisha, among others, experienced major turning points that hinted at future developments.

Kevin’s departure and Papa’s consideration of attending the seminary are two notable moments that highlight the personal growth and challenges of the characters. Jake’s newly found independence and Jemma’s evolving relationship added depth to the story. As seen in the storyline with Rob, Emmett and Douda, the season didn’t hesitate to portray the darker side of urban life.

Season 7: Potential Directions

If “The Chi’ is renewed for season seven, it could explore a number of intriguing plotlines. The fans are interested in Kevin’s post-departure journey, the evolution between Jake and Jemma, and Papa’s decisions about his future. Unresolved storylines like Keisha trying to fill in the void Kevin’s mother left offer plenty of potential for future storytelling.

Jacob Latimore is expected to play Emmett in a possible season 7, along with Shamon Brown, Michael V Epps, Jake, Birgundi Bakker, Keisha and others. Alex Hibbert’s return as Kevin, and Armando Risco as Detective Cruz is still uncertain.


The future of “The Chi’s” seventh season is uncertain, but the show has left a lasting impression on its viewers with its rich story-telling and character development. The news of a renewed series excites fans who are eager to learn more about the fascinating characters. The first half of season 6 offers a fascinating glimpse into “The Chi”‘s world, and the second half is expected to air in the near future. No matter if season 7 is produced or not, the television drama “The Chi” continues to be a major contribution to the landscape. It’s praised for its realistic and poignant portrayal of life on Chicago’s South Side.