With the release of The Burning Crusade, the maximum level bar has risen from 60 to 70. When creating a character from scratch, you will have to swing from lvl. If you’ve played classic, then you’ll have to level up the remaining 10 levels, but that will also take a decent amount of time. Below we will consider a list of tips on how to quickly raise level 70, which locations are worth visiting and why use boosting.

In The Burning Crusade patch 2.4.0 installed, which is the final patch in the expansion Players will have to travel back to Azeroth after a long journey through The Outland Zoneto stop Kil’Jeden, leader of the Burning Legion army. At stake is not only Sunwell, but the fate of the entire planet. The battlefield was a new raid dungeon, designed for 25 people. There are 6 bosses to fight, each with a chance of getting a rare reward.

Major changes in TBC

After the classic version, the developers have slightly reworked the mechanics of gaining experience. This made tbc character boost leveling smoother at all stages: 

  • amount of experience required from level 20 to 60 was reduced by 15%;
  • all tasks available from level 30 to 60 bring more experience;
  • elite quests and bosses are weakened;
  • the purchase of vehicles is now available from level 30 (previously from 40).

All high-level content the current patch will become available at level 70. Before that, you will have to complete story and side quests, go to dungeons or just kill mobs, getting experience for this. In The Burning Crusade leveling takes a lot of time, so you can use the boostingto have another person do it.player WoW will visit your character and walk along the optimal route to quickly raise the maximum level.

The main types of pumping in The Burning Crusade

In a multiplayer game, there are several classic ways to develop a hero:

  • Quests. In any location there are NPCswho offer quests and give experience as a reward. You advance through the zone, kill monsters, collect resources and turn in quests. And so you move from one location to another.
  • Dungey. This method is more effective than the previous one, because dungeons give more experience for killing bosses. There is also a chance of dropping items that will be better equipped on you. To get into the dungeon, a trained group of 5 people is required.
  • killing Mob. In World of Warcraft , there are zones with fast respawns . Choose one of these locations and quickly clear it, gaining experience in a short period of time. The process is boring, but gives a lot exp, resources and gold.
  • Locomotive. It means going through dungeons, clearing locations using high-level characters while you are in a group with them. You cost AFK and gain experience.

It is best to combine these methods to speed up character development. But the fastest and most effective way of pumping is boosting. This is a paid service, but you do not need to sit in the game for hours on end and download it yourself. An experienced booster will do it for you. At the end, you get a level 70 character, dressed in good gear, with access to the final content.

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