Properly storing your goods is extremely important. Lack of accommodation space for goods leads to unclean and messy surroundings. In such times renting out a self-storage unit is the best thing to do. These storage facilities have different features and advantages. 

Self-storage spaces are efficient ways of accommodating goods, but at the same time have a few fall-backs. Before you rent out any storage space, knowing the pros and cons of these units is necessary. This is why we bring you the list of 5 Pros and Cons of Self Storage Units.


1. Convenient Storage Spaces

Self-storage units are a very convenient option to store your goods. They have different features and facilities that will help you store your goods in the best way possible. 

The staff working at these facilities usually have great expertise in storage space management. This cost-effective method of accommodation has different unit sizes as per your requirement. Thus, self-storage units will save you both time and money.

2. Goods Insurance

Checking for goods insurance is extremely important. Many self-storage unit facilities offer insurance for your goods. This will ensure the safety of your goods from theft. 

This is an extra assurance for you that your goods are in safe hands. So, make sure you check the goods insurance availability.

3. Instant Access to the Goods

The best part about self-storage units is that you can access them whenever you want. Make sure your facility gives 24-hour goods access. 

As long as you have instant access, it does not matter whether the goods are stored at home or any other facility. So, if you want to take some items last minute, you will be able to acquire them easily.

4. Availability of Size Options

These storage units are available in different sizes. The facilities have small, medium, as well as large unit sizes with different dimensions. You can check the size availability and rent storage as per your storage requirements.

5. Organized and Clean House

Excess goods can make your home look messy and crowded. Storing these goods in a self-storage unit will help you keep your house clean and organized. By storing excess goods at the storage unit, you will enjoy a spacious home.


1. Lack of Goods Safety

Some self-storage spaces lack security provisions. If you are planning to store goods at such facilities without insurance, then you are taking big risks. Self-storage is often subject to theft and damage. 

So, make sure that the facility has security cameras and locking mechanisms.

2. Lack of Climate Control Facility

Most of the self-storage units have climate control features. However, if this feature is missing it can lead to goods being damaged. Lack of climate control brings in the risk of corrosion, rusting, and dew.

3. Hard to Find a Particular Item

The goods that we store in these storage units are often loaded one on top of another. So, if you wish to access a particular item in this unit, finding it can be a difficult task. This lack of direct access to goods is a big disadvantage sometimes.

4. Everything Cannot Be Stored

Self-storage units have certain storage rules to be followed. Some goods cannot be stored for the safety of the facility. 

These include flammable items, unregistered vehicles, weapons, perishable goods, hazardous materials, and plants. Storing these items is not permitted and often becomes an inconvenience.

5. Limited Storage Space and Accessibility

Finding the perfect storage size can be difficult. Sometimes all the goods do not fit in properly because of less storage space. Lack of accommodation space leads to crammed storage leading to the risk of goods damage.  

Also, some facilities have limited access hours. This might cause you inconvenience while accessing your goods. So make sure they offer instant access to units.


This was the list of 5 Pros and Cons of Self Storage Units. These pros and cons will give you a better idea about self-storage facilities. Save it for future reference. Also, make sure you visit our space for similar lists on different topics.