Dreaming of being a teacher someday requires a long list of things to be done, including getting certain certifications. PTLLS, which stands for “Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector,” is a course you can undergo to begin living the dream of being a teacher someday. 

Continue reading to learn about PTLLS and why it’s perfect for aspiring teachers.

What is the PTLLS Course About?

You can define PTLLS as a starter course to climb the ladder of being a certified teacher. It is the stepping stone to achieving a blossoming teaching career accepted nationwide for level 3 teaching.

Basic teaching skills required for further qualifications in the educational sector are covered in the PTLLS Course. Today the qualification is more popularly referred to as AET, which stands for “Award in Education and Training.” 

Contents of the PTLLS Course

As any foundational course should be, PTLLS touches the basic aspects of a model teaching career. The course can be divided into three major units, which include:

1. Roles, Responsibilities, Relationships in Education Training

The coverage for this particular unit is the basic understanding of the teaching role, positive behavior among colleagues, ensuring a safe learning environment, and overall impacting one’s learning.

2. Inclusive Learning and Other Teaching Approaches

True learning can only be achieved when all students are carried along in the teaching process. The total number of students in a class grasp the concept of things taught differently, which is why a good teacher should employ different tactics to ensure effective learning.

3. Assessment Practices

Assessment is a very important part of the teaching and learning process. Results from the assessment clearly show if the teaching and learning process was effective. It is a feedback system teachers can employ in the classroom and should be done often.

Why it is Perfect For Aspiring Teachers

Aspiring teachers will find the PTLLS course a perfect introduction to the teaching career for many reasons.

1. It is Thorough

The PTLLS course leaves no basic information out of its coverage but touches on all the important details a newbie teacher should know if hoping to pursue a long-lasting career. Once you sign up for it, it is a course that you get the best and your money’s worth without a hint of regret.

2. Duration of Course

The average number of hours you will need to complete the PTLLS course is 120. In most cases, you have the option to spread these hours and attend classes based on your set out schedule. It is found that learning is most effective when done at a pace you are comfortable with.

3. Availability

Finding where to enroll for the PTLLS course is one of the easiest things. Many programs offer it as an online course, and it is also possible to attend physical classes. The most important thing when enrolling is choosing an option that works well for you.

4. Recognition

The good thing about signing up for PTLLS courses is that the qualifications you get are recognized nationwide when you are done. There are courses you can enroll for, and at the end of the day, you still get turned down for not having good qualifications. 


Want to start teaching today and have no clue where to start? Sign up for the PTLLS course today and learn the basics of teaching as a career from the comfort of your home. Signing up for this course is easy and remember, your qualifications will be valid anywhere!