Are you currently an individual who has an interest to understand about an accidents that relates to a famous television funnel that produced a problem and it is discussed around the globe? For instance, have you ever heard concerning the incident within the first week of Feb in 2008?

To educate yourself regarding the incident with Cartoon Network Feb 7 2008, on this incident, that was a subject of debate mainly within the U . s . States and also the Uk.

What’s Cartoon Network?

Cartoon Network, also known as CN, is really a funnel for youthful kids and adults, launched in 1992. The majority of the viewers are kids ageing from seven to 14.

As reported by the data of 2021, there are other than 94 million compensated viewers alone within the U . s . States, by which a lot of the subscribers are kids. It’s also probably the most viewed kids’ funnel all over the world.

Cartoon Network Feb 7 2008

•           On the date pointed out above, the subscribers of Comcast, a number one media and technology service, designed a serious mistake by telecasting offensive videos.

•           This telecast of offensive videos ongoing in excess of 1 hour early in the day.

•           The V . p . of Comcast later apologized for that inconvenience caused because of their technical mistake.

•           The funnel usually contained sports, news, children’s games, child-related content yet others entertainment programs.

•           The subscribers affected were from Nashville, Tennessee.

•           The content proven around the Cartoon Network Feb 7 2008,was highly offensive videos that aren’t permitted for children, which produced a higher outrage concerning the incident.

Other Similar Occurrences

•           After the 2008 Feb incident 2009 Feb, another similar incident happened with Comcast.

•           During the Super Bowl tournament, there is a disruption for 25 seconds for that subscribers in Tucson, Arizona.

•           They again broadcasted offensive video this too when plenty of subscribers were watching the tournament match.

•           They launched an analysis on which happened with the aid of the FBI because it has happened again following a year gap of Cartoon Network Feb 7 2008, that is a serious offence because it offers an awful experience to the customers.

•$10 was offered for the viewers who had been unfortunate to witness the offensive content.

•           Frank Gonzalez, who earlier labored with cox communications, accepted he behind the intense offensive glitch.

•           He was punished by asking to endure 3 years of probation and pay a problem quantity of $1000 for that damages he’s caused.

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Cartoon Network is among the most viewed kids’ channels all over the world. However, though it only provides appropriate content for the children, thinking about Cartoon Network Feb 7 2008, parents should know the historic glitches that may happen to the funnel providers.

Have you ever had any similar encounters with any channels? If that’s the case, kindly provide feedback.